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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nanny Bans, Then Unbans Bitty

Now here is a rather bizarre story concerning breast milk (can I say "breast" on this site?).

Westminster council got their knickers in a twist recently over "Baby Gaga" ice cream, which was served at Icecreamists in Covent Garden.

For why?

This icecream contains breast milk.

Seemingly two members of the public complained about it, and the council banned it whilst sending some samples away for testing.

The result?

It's perfectly safe (if somewhat bizarre).

The council have now unbanned it.

BTW, wondering why Nanny banned it with just two complaints?

It seems, if the reports are accurate, that Lady Gaga began proceedings against Icecreamists claiming that the ice cream is "nausea-inducing" and "intended to take advantage of her reputation and goodwill".

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  1. Breast milk ice cream got an airing on Steve Wright in the Afternoooon on Beeb Radio 2 the other day though no-one mentioned silly old (Conservative) Westminster banning it.

    The vid reminds me of the time I was visiting a colleague in Aberdeen some decades ago. While dining his wife asked "D'ya mind if I feed the babee"?
    At which she promptly proffered it her tit at the table. I succeeded in manfully hiding that I was somewhat taken aback because I do like to be a modern guy.

  2. Why anyone would want to consume ice cream made from a strangers breast milk is beyond me but, each to his own I suppose.

    When harvesting the said breast milk; I wonder if they have a dairy where lactating, fat chavvy women are herded in and put into stalls where they feed on Big Macs and pizza, whilst the farmer attaches the suction caps to their......Well you get the picture I'm sure....It put me off my lunch just thinking about it.

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz.

  3. debbie11:41 AM

    Nanny doesnt even have the courage of her convictions. Bans something off 2 complaints, and then is made to look a fool, so un-bans it. Any way the wind blows, nanny...

    Also, who complains about an ice-cream flavor? I myself would not chose breast milk ice cream, being partial to chocolate myself,but I would just shrug and walk on by.

  4. Lada Gaga has a nerve complaining - at least I can choose whether or not to consume breast milk ice cream. But the aforementioned daft bint is in the papers and on TV nearly every day....

  5. @banned
    When I lived in Sweden, breast-feeding babies were a common sight in coffee shops - I never did quite get used to the idea though.

    You've put me off my lunch as well!

    Personally, I'd draw the line at liquorice-flavour. Evil, foul substance, should be banned. Aniseed too.

    I suspect the real reason for complaining is having a hissy-fit for not having thought of it first and not getting a cut of the profits.

  6. Mjolinir2:48 PM

    I'm still fascinated that 'Nanny State' wanted to have human milk analysed (for H&S Reasons) before 'allowing' it to be consumed by humans.

    BTW - it puts a new meaning to 'Express Dairies'

  7. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I found it hilarious that it's apparently completely safe for a human being to consume a frozen dessert made of cow baby's food, but that a dessert for humans made of HUMAN baby's food needs testing. Mind you, I wouldn't try Baby Gaga and I'll keep to "normal" cow's milk, but I admit it's hypocritical. There's no reason for cow's milk to be more suitable than human milk, au contraire. But hey ... Nanny needs to test what's obvious for everybody else apart form two spoil-sports: just because most people above the age of two do not like breast milk doesn't mean that humans suddenly grow allergic to it. Or that it induces nausea.