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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bin Brother - The Dangers of Wheelie Bins

Bin Brother

I see that the health and safety of binmen continues to rank highly on Nanny's list of priorities. There is of course nothing wrong with ensuring that the health and safety of binmen is addressed.

However, one has to question Nanny's priorites if she ranks the health and safety of a fit, active binman over the health and safety of an 80 year old who has heart and back problems.

Bill Craig, an 80 year old who lives in Colchester, has used a wheelie bin to help him carry one small black bag of rubbish to the end of his drive every week for the past two years.

This arrangement has worked fine until recently, when Colchester Borough Council advised him (via a warning note) that he was using the wrong kind of bin.

It seems that under new health and safety rules, dreamt up by people with nothing better to do, binmen must no longer lean into the wheelie bin to remove the small black bag of lightweight rubbish.

For why?

They might injure themselves!

However, the council do have a solution.


Can you guess what that is children?

Yes, that's right, they will use a specialist team to go to Mr Craig's house and collect the rubbish.

Unsurprisinlgy, Mr Craig is a tad "concerned" at the cost to the local council taxpayers of this Heath Robinson solution.

Sadly commonsnse was long ago banned by Nanny and, despite the cuts (that I dare say many from Nanny's local councils were demonstrating against on Saturday), the concept of thrift was long ago abandoned.

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:34 AM

    Binmen don't have to lean into a wheelie bin to empty it. They put the bin on the bin truck's bin lift and press a button - et voilĂ  - bin emptied into truck. Works the same whether bin is full or nine tenths empty.


  2. I suspect the public employee that likes to be called officer believes that if the bin man does injure himself, the council will have to compensate him whereas, if the old chap injures himself, they don't need to. It is this attitude within our local councils that have gone some way towards destroying our society.

    On Friday, I read in my local newspaper that my road is going to be closed for the Royal Wedding and that the street party is being organised by "A community Development Outreach Officer" from our local council and that there will be a bouncy castle and a DJ. I thought to myself, I wonder where exactly this event will take place as I was not asked about it. I phoned Local Nanny which started badly when they told me I was a customer, I informed them that I was not; I was either a resident or a taxpayer, but not a customer and had I been a customer, I would have taken my custom elsewhere which, of course I cannot do. I was then informed that the "Chavfest" was at the other end of the avenue so I would not be affected by the screaming kids and the noisy disco....Please note; I am a major fan of our Royal Family and think the Royal Couple will be good for our country but, I do not need Local Nanny to organise a chavfest for me to enjoy the day nor do I want my council tax money wasted on such silly things.....In my opinion, if the local people wanted a party, we would have organised one ourselves.

    Hi-Viz; Just say no.