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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, March 04, 2011

An Oasis In The Nanny State

My compliments to the management one of my favourite/regular pubs, for providing me with an oasis in the midst of the intrusiveness and petty mindedness of the Nanny state.

I will give you a flavour of last night:

1 Eva informed me the air had a fug of marijuana..can't say that I noticed.

2 A lady, drinking Asahi (a fine Japanese beer that I also quaff when there), bore a striking resemblance to Yoko Ono and was evidently stoned.

3 A guy (mid 20's) sat at the bar fast asleep, with his head propped up against the beer pumps, the staff very kindly allowed him to doze for 30 minutes or so before gently waking him up.

4 A man came in with a large white rat on his shoulder...I kid you not (it was not the fug causing me to see things!). The rat then happily allowed itself to be picked up by the bar staff and stroked.

5 The chef was happy to serve a dish not on the menu of first class pork sausages (cut into chunks) with assorted dips, as a most excellent accompaniment to the Asahi.

I think that you will agree with me that this is a most excellent establishment, and one that provides a much needed respite from the intrusiveness of the state.

I would, under any other circumstances, tell you the name of the place. However, given that much of the above clearly breaches a number of Nanny's rules I will not. I most certainly do not want some brain dead council drone visiting the place and spying on customers and staff.

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  1. Ken,

    Sounds like a great place.

    I shall Email you for details next time Mrs Tonk and I visit your part of the world;-)

    Keep laughing at Hi-Viz.

  2. I am of course happy to provide the details privately to known and trusted loyal readers:)

    Nice to write about a good thing for once:)))

  3. "Mr Fawlty, Is no rat - is Filigree Siberian Hamster, only one in shop, he make special price, only five pounds"

  4. Ken,

    Sure you didn't find yourself in Amsterdam by mistake? . . . And we won't get into how one might mistakenly wind up in Amsterdam.

  5. Number 63:21 PM

    Ken, this sounds like my kind of public house. Recall the days when dogs were roaming around the bar and would park themselves at your table only to move when they had their fill of pork scratchings/crisps. Will drop you an email for address of said ale house (trust I am a loyal reader) when I am next planning to visit Brighton. In fact, drop by and I will buy you a pint for the huge amount of work you have put in to show what a hideous old bag Nanny has turned into.