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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

O2 Censors Nanny Knows Best

My thanks to loyal (but disappointed) reader Mark, who has advised me of the following:

"Hey Ken, Trying to access your site on my O2 mobile internet I noticed that it is now "subject to customer protection" and therefore restricted to over 18s.

Have I missed all the smut and objectionable content? If so, can you please put it back.



This is all the more nironic, as in 2006 I wrote an article for the O2 magazine...what was it about???...ermmm???..

Oh yes..

The Nanny State!

"I would like to recommend that you try to lay your hands on the Spring 2006 edition of O2, the magazine published by O2. It is not available in the shops, but distributed direct to businesses.

Anyhoo, in this edition there is a particularly fine article written against the Nanny State, in which the author (who reserves particular disdain for the Treasury) argues that state interference is throttling business.

The article is lucid, relevant, punchy and well researched.

Oh and by the way, the article is written by me.

I will drop O2 a line and ask them why they are censoring this site. I will update you if I get a response.

In the meantime, if anyone can find any smut on this site please could they send it to me:)

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  1. I'm only guessing, but I'd say it's that hot nurse picture you occasionally use that has set off the puritan alarm.

  2. How odd.
    Trouble is, this restriction illustrates very clearly, just how easily Nanny, aided by her friends in the media and big business, could shut down access to the web if she felt the population were using it to oppose her or to organise against her.

  3. Lord of Atlantis10:40 AM

    What right does anyone have in a democracy to restrict access to websites they disaprove of? This is more akin to the practice in China. I hope the next step won't be to cut off access completely?

  4. My Lord;

    Good point.....I believe Saint Barrack of O'Barmy recently put a bill through congress to allow him to "switch off the internet" in time of emergency.


    Just a thought; does this restriction apply to all your sites or just NKB?

  5. Buster Gonad and the word "Ejaculate" (can I say ejaculate?) two posts down...

    O2 have no reason to take the moral high ground. They refused to apologise for backing the 10:10 "snuff" movie.

  6. I don't see any justification for them interfering with our intercourse.

  7. Wow, fame at last (had to wait until I got home to post ;)

  8. Winston Smith8:10 PM

    1984 clip Orwell was right - it just about reflects life in Britain now - thought crime, total surveliance of the public, supine media controlled by the government and vested interests all that is missing is replace INGSOC with EU and the picture is perfect.