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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nanny's Legion of Brats

My thanks to Tonk for posting a very relevant comment on "A Nation of Retards" about the proliferation of screaming badly behaved brats in pubs, being egged on by their badly behaved parents.

As the landlord of the pub that Tonk visited explained, the pendulumn has swung so far now that if any restaurant owner or landlord dared to intervene with a noisy brat he/she would be vilified by the shouty media.

Is it not time that adults reclaimed the the world from Nanny's legion of "self centered" brats?

What are your views?

How can a landlord enforce better behaviour without being vilified?

Here is Tonk's comment in full:

Perhaps slightly off topic but illustrating what a society of retards our nation has become.

Mrs Tonk, myself and another couple have just returned from a long lunch at a local coaching inn dating back to the 1500s. It is not a dive, it is a place where many retired people go for lunch, where bosses take their secretaries and businessmen have meetings; the menu is excellent, the venue is great and the food is to die for and the beer is straight from the wood and no CO2 or chemicals in sight.

We were sat there enjoying our first course when an elderly couple came in with their daughter, she was in her thirties and had a sreaming shit machine in a huge pushchair that looked as if it had been built by a 4x4 manufacturer.

She looked really smug and pleased with herself and made a very loud entrance. All through the meal she spoke loudly to the kid and sat there looking smug and making silly noises to entertain the child. What topped it off for me and my party was the song she went into after she had finished her meal:

"Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily but don't forget to scream!!"

At which point both the mother and the kid screamed as loud as they could.

On the way out, the manager asked me if I had enjoyed the meal, I said that the food was fine but the kid and its mother rather spoiled the atmosphere and that it was the first time I had not enjoyed my time at the venue.

The manager said there is nothing we can do about it because the second one complains about any activity involving a child or its mother, the press get involved and the publicity really harms the business.

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  1. Mjolinir1:25 PM

    I wonder if... it would be OK for everyone else in the place to gather round, and join in with a second verse fff (forte possible)?

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:16 PM

    It is not only in pubs that hooliganism by the young is not only tollerated, but in the cases of some parents and youth
    'leaders' and 'teachers' actively encouraged. Anyone who has had the 'pleasure' of travelling on a bus full of school kids will no doubt agree with this. Some local authorities have or are thinking of making the wearing of seatbelts compulsory on school buses, on elf'n'safety grounds. Do me a favour! Just how will this be enforced, bearing in mind that you are not allowed to do anything to the little 'darlings' no matter what they get up to? Some time ago, I came across the suggestion that "everyone admires the tiger tamer at the circus, who enters the cage and puts his head in a tiger's mouth ---- except the driver of the school bus!" Personally, I agree with you, Tonk, about the 'baby business'. In my opinion, if children step out of line, they should receive appropriate punishment, including corporal punishment, although this would upset the liberal, do-gooders who, in my opinion, must share much of the blame for the current situation. I also very strongly feel that parents should be responsible for the wrong-doing of their children, and if the child is too young to be punished, then the parents should be, in such cases. Of course, our 'yuman rites' laws would need repealing, and we should also pull out of the jurisdiction of the European human rights court.

  3. Anonymous4:30 PM

    These reality telly shows don’t help matters, either, where participants/players are basically voted NOT on talent, but instead on how idiotic or talentless they are. Act like a fool, or a talentless joke, and the public will happily pay for the phone call that puts you through to the next round, in favour of the performer who’s actually put their heart and soul into their talent for years.

    Welfare state, nannying, PC, laziness = cool mentality, celebrity and celebrity gossip, reality telly, trashy soap operas, over-sexual films and music, no-win-no-fee’s, health and safety, quangos, Brussels, misandry, mediocrity, state bullying, undisciplined kids, anti-competitive/feminised schooling, nuclear family attack and breakdown, police and surveillance state, teen pop idols and worship, instant fame talent shows, taxation, tax credits, entitlements, benefits, social workers, family courts, neighbour-spying/whistle-blowing, quotas, employment law, censorship, everything-illegal, equality/discrimination nonsense: expose a society to all this for a generation or two, and there’s no way it will not have a negative affect.

    In the space of a few decades, we’ve gone from epic orchestral masterpieces, to girls wearing next to nothing, “singing” infantile and obscene lyrics in computer-enhanced American accents; from ‘Starry Night’ to a white square with a black circle in a corner (modern art); from respect and etiquette to narcissistic, rude, street slang.

    And it ain’t gettin’ no better.

  4. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells5:14 PM

    Tonk said:
    "I would only take my grandchildren to a country pub with a large beer garden,"

    When I was a tiny tadpole during the 1950s that's exactly what happened. Children were not allowed in pubs under any circumstances, so on the few pub visits my parents made I was sent into the beer garden with my bottle of ginger beer (or if I'd been very good, two bottles.)

    Chav mothers may be young adults but mentally they are still young brats. Lack of education coupled with trashy TV and a poor diet leave them intellectually retarded. And these kid factories are allowed to raise their benefit-money broods?

    Give me strength.

  5. The current popularity of the word 'kids', meaning the young of goats, would seem entirely appropriate.

  6. Mjolinir5:49 AM

    @TTT - //The current popularity of the word 'kids', meaning the young of goats, would seem entirely appropriate.//

    Particularly for those living in the
    'Nanny State'?


  7. How sad. Hardly seems like hooliganism or anything particularly dreadful to me. Irritating - yes to some. I can't say that I have yet read a story in the press that the landlord was worried about. This feels to me like over the top paranoia - akin to the over the top Elf & Safety that this site is so good at exposing.

  8. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Similar thing has happened to me. Twice. One time I was sat having a beer with my brother when a family with 3 or 4 young kids were there. Not only were they screaming and shouting and running around, they were playing football IN THE PUB! (A small country pub, too). The ball actually bounced off the bar a couple of times and even off the spirits behind the bar. Obviously it was bouncing off the walls and tables, too. When the ball hit the spirits behind the bar my brother and I cringed, expecting it to all smash (luckily it didn't) but moron-features and their spawn just laughed at the pesky mischief their little darlings were up to. I could see the manager behind the bar looking stressed and clearly feeling the same way as the landlord in the original post. Their stress levels probably were'nt helped by the death stares they were getting from everyone else in the pub who was willing them to do something. Finally, the moron-brood waddle off and the whole pub heaved a sigh of releief. The landlord then came round to every table and apologised profusely. We asked why they didn't just chuck them out and he said pretty much the same thing - having the temerity to interfere with another's child is probably one of the few taboos we have now. It just wasn't worth the hassle. We even got a free bottle of wine out of it by means of apology. That said, how he made a profit on three plates of fish fingers when I saw several people leave and he had to give out several bottles of free wine to mollify the other customers, is beyond me.

    Similar thing at another country pub, very popular with oldies - good food, good beer. I took my folks there one lunchtime and a family came in with a 2 year old (I'd guess) that from the moment they entered the pub (we could hear them coming closer and closer a minute or so before they entered the room) was screaming at the top of its voice. It then continued to do so for the remaining 30 or so minutes we were there until they left. In that time, that room of the pub emptied - it did have 7 full tables in it but all of them exitted quickly, tutting and scowling at the oblivious Mogadon-family and the screaming child. Same thing happened once they left - the manager thanked us for not leaving and apologised profusely. We got free desserts that time (unasked for, I hasten to add - I don't go around looking for freebies!). The problem is, we have this thing now when other people's little angels are untouchable - we mustn't do anything and neither must the landlord. I mean, I did feel sorry for the landlords in both situations, but then I remembered that they'd be on me in a millisecond if I dared to light a fag in the pub after dropping a ton of cash in their till, so sod 'em. Let them look after their creches. Since the smoking ban pubs are no longer pubs anyway, hence the loss of 15% of them in 3 years.