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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Prats of The Week - Lambeth Council

Prats of The WeekOoh Err Missus, it has been a wee while since I have awarded my prestigious, and internationally renowned, Prats of The Week Award.

Therefore without blowing further on my trumpet, I will award it this week to Lambeth Council.

For why?

Their attitude to Mulberry trees, instead of wishing to go round the Mulberry bushes the council wishes to obliterate them; as the residents who live near Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens have recently found out.

Two mulberry trees that mark one of the entrances to the park are to be chopped down by the council.

For why?

In order to "improve" the park.


Jeff Raggett, the Cultural Arts Development Manager at Lambeth Council, explains all:

"The mulberry trees have red berries that will stain the new granite sets which will therefore require additional cleaning to maintain the newly paved surface."

Meanwhile, thanks to a private donation, plans are afoot to erect a £250K statue of Guru Basavanna in the vicinity, who lived between 1134 and 1196 (not in Lambeth though).

Maybe some of that money could be used to save the trees as well, if Lambeth are so determined to be pig headed about this?

Lambeth Council, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. Prats indeed but, aren't all councils?

    It seems to me that, as a nation, we have become very self loathing; we are not proud of our nation, its past achievements etc etc. For many councils and other public bodies it seems that, Foreign equals good, British in general, English in particualr, equals bad.

    Let's just laugh at hi-viz.

  2. ~Lord of Atlantis2:59 PM

    Another very well-deserved award indeed! If the council is concerned that it cannot afford to clean up any alleged stains that the berries might produce, why, oh why, did they install new granite sets next to them? Perhaps if the council were to get rid of someof the non jobs, such as Cultural Arts Development Manager(?} then the money saved in salaries could be used for the cleaning up, if necessary.
    It also seems strange that we(quite rightly in my opinion) express concern over the way other countries are allowing the rain forests to be destroyed, but are quite haoppy to fell trees in this country. Is this not double standards?

  3. Mjolinir9:28 PM

    I suppose they could have 'justified' the decision on the grounds that mulberry trees are not native to Britain?

    But - as they have been cultivated in much of India over many centuries - they would go well with the new statue.

  4. Councils will always do stuff like this, it makes individuals feel big and proud.
    Near here Tesco took over a busy high street petrol station. In exchange for planning permission they agreed a one off payment (depending on turnover) to regenerate that high street.
    Public Consultation demanded better street lights, some benches and few hanging baskets.

    What they got was a stupid glass and metal multi-colour "installation" that was twice over budget, instantly disliked by all and the only reaction it ever gets (apart from frquent vandalism) is from strangers passing through

    "What the f*ck is that?"

  5. Banned.

    Ah, the statutory bribe so loved by local councils;-)