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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Drought To Last Until Christmas

From the BBC in April 2012:
"Official drought zones have been declared in a further 17 English counties, as a warning came that water shortages could last until Christmas."

I blame global warming for the EPA's failure!

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  1. Surly-Enny-Fule-No -that an 'official drought' doesn't have to bear any relationship to "so called actual events"?

  2. Tonk.1:41 PM

    I honestly believe the politicians and water companies were hoping the "drought" would last just so they could get drought orders in place and get everyone, including me, onto water meters. Once everyone is on water meters, then they can rack up the prices.

    This new false religion of climate change is costing us all dear and will continue to do so. Our climate has always changed and always will do so. The polar caps on Mars are melting at the same rate as our own (NASA) and I don't think they have 4x4s or coal fires there.
    Instead of spending a fortune attempting to prevent so called climate change, why not spend a fraction on safeguarding against the possible consequenses of any climate change such as, sea defenses, clearing ditches etc etc?

    Too many people are making too much money out of the new false religion for the madness to be stopped and we will all suffer as a result.

    1. hgfhgfh6:40 PM

      It's a known fact Tonk that there's a deliberate policy (initiated by the EU) to force us to use less water. So a few years ago our leaders rejected a plan to build more reservoirs despite the rising population. Their plans to create a mini drought were going 'swimmingly' until all this rain started falling.

      But, as sure as eggs is eggs, after a low, comes a high and after a high, comes a low. It's a fair bet that in a couple of years time there'll be an equivalent-magnitude drought, and their attempts to create a mini drought will end up creating a monster drought.

      It makes you wonder though if these people spend all their time brainstorming to find new ways of making people suffer.

      What do people do?
      Well, they drink water. OK, let's put a limit on how much water may be stored.
      They switch lights on. OK, let's put a limit on how many power stations may be built. Oh and try to make them start using those mercury-based health-hazard light bulbs.
      They've started shopping out of town to avoid all the punitive parking charges, Gestapo ticket officers and rickety buses.
      OK, let's try to tax out-of-town parking spaces.

  3. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Can there be a more incompetent industry than the water suppliers in the UK?
    Every day 3,300,000,000 (3.3 BILLION) litres of treated drinking water is lost every day through leakages. That is equivalent to over 1,000 Olympic sized swimming pools and that is enough to satisfy the needs of 21.5 million people.
    The amount of untreated water lost through poor drainage and sewerage would make that 3.3 billion litres seem insignificant.

    All that water goes directly back into the water table, so it should not come as any surprise that flooding will occur when rain is added to the already saturated ground.
    This flooding causes massive disruption and destruction, and costs all of us a great deal of money in increased insurance premiums.

    The companies are not prepared to replace their antiquated pipework and site their pipes in more accessible positions; instead they chose to create massive disruption by digging up roads for temporary and ineffective repairs. They have even scaled back on these repairs, stating that they are concerned about the ‘carbon impact’ of digging up streets.

    Ofwat has to share the blame for this situation. They have set the target for reducing leaks too low and they regulate how much can be spent on repairs. All this whilst watching the water companies make a combined profit of £4.5bn last year, and many companies paying their top executives close to £1,000,000 in salary, bonuses and expenses.

    To add further insult, these private companies are allowed by law to prosecute their paying consumers if anyone dares to use a hosepipe during one of their enforced bans.

    There cannot be another country, even a third world shit-hole that manages its water worse.