Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
Dedicated to exposing, and resisting, the all pervasive nanny state that is corroding the way of life and the freedom of the people of Britain.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nanny's Child Catcher

I see that Michael Gove has called for hundreds more vulnerable children a year to be taken into care, and for an end to "preoccupation with rights of biological parents".

Would these be the same sort of "care homes" that allow kids to disappear for days on end, and the same sort of "care homes" that are being referred to in the ongoing Savilegate scandal?

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1 comment:

  1. Only just came across this site. I feel that my rantings (as some call it) since 1985 have been justified, I wish I had been wrong, but I am not.
    This is my colleagues web site, we share and write the same beliefs site needs updating but Steve's accuracy on the numbers is amazing, I have been preaching the same gospel about USSR and Western Capitalism since 1984, everyone of my friends said I was Nuts - less so after 1991, and here we are... its happening... I am now officially renaming Western Capitalism as the WC !
    Everything Orwell predicted is happening, and More. The attempt to have secret courts in the UK – a follow on the Gordon Brown Stasi; the Obama Gov re writing the American Constitution 1st Amendment, this is all about controlling by force, Large Populations - and doing it by stealth.... 7Bn now, a few years 9Bn, World Pop has to be controlled and they know it! Not only Councils your enemy, so are Governments, and ALL current politicians are part of the destruction of YOUR freedom.