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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Booze Matters - Nanny's Minimum Pricing Plan

As I have stated many times before on this site (and indeed some of my other sites), Nanny is broke.

Sadly, unlike you and I when we find ourselves short of money, instead of tightening her belt Nanny chooses the easy option and raises taxes and fines (ie Nanny screws the citizens of the UK in order that she may continue to enjoy the privileges of power to which she has become accustomed).

An easy source of revenue for Nanny is the taxation levied on booze (given that she drinks in taxpayer subsidised bars in Westminster this tax doesn't impact her lifestyle one iota).

Therefore today Cameron (the man who was happily drinking champers the other day in Brussels at £120 per bottle) is launching a consultation on minimum booze pricing (45p per unit).

The plans would not just put the price of "shite" booze up (as claimed by Nanny), but the price of normal drink (eg G&T) would also rise. Gin is expected to rise by 20%, and whisky by 10%.

Multi-buy offers would also be banned under the proposals.

Nanny claims that the price rises are designed to impact the cost of premium strength booze, drunk by those she regards as "scum".

She is lying, these proposals will increase the price of booze for us all.

As I have noted many times before, this will not work:

1 People will brew their own illegal hooch.

2 Hardened drinkers will continue to buy booze.

3 It will encourage more binge drinking on cheaper shite.

4 It is the thin end of the wedge, as Nanny will continue to increase the minimum price.

5 It will be used as an excuse to set minimum prices for other "vices" that Nanny disapproves of.

6 It will be used by the single issue obsessives as an excuse to launch a moral crusade against alcohol and to try to ban it altogether.

Meanwhile Nanny continues to enjoy taxpayer subsidised booze in Westminster!

This is simply a method used by Nanny to raise revenue to pay for her perks, privileges and lifestyle.

This is not Conservatism with a small "c", this is state dictatorship infringing on our rights to live our lives as we wish to.

Cameron is not a Conservative, he is a state interventionist.
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  1. I agree that Mr Cameron is not a Conservative.....I am a Conservative, he is a progressive Marxist just like Mr Clegg, in my opinion.

    We already have lots of laws that could stop problem drinking. No one under eighteen should be able to buy alcohol but, I cannot remember anyone being prosecuted for buying, or attempting to buy alcohol whilst underage.
    It is an offence to sell alcohol to people under eighteen, but kids do buy alcohol at small corner shops: again, enforce the bloody law instead of attacking law abiding people.
    It is an offence to serve people already drunk, again, enforce the existing law.
    It is an offence to be drunk and disorderly, again enforce the law.

    Nanny also needs to ask herself why so many of her citizens feel the need to get so drunk: could it be to escaspe the reality of living in Nanny's world?

    Putting the price of alcohol up will do several things:

    1) It will increase the number of people taking booze cruises by ferry to France: this will help their economy, not ours

    2) It will punish ordinary, responsible people that like an odd drink. It is akin to punishing the whole class for one kid talking.

    3) It will increase the likelyhood of people, especially young kids, trying to steal the booze from supermarkets.

    4) It will force even more of our nation's pubs to go out of business and once gone, the British pub which is part of OUR culture, will be gone forever.

    5) It could drive people to take harder drugs to escape reality because, as I understand it, weed etc will be cheaper to buy than booze.

    Nanny has, with welfare reform through the media, recreated the Victorian notion of the deserving and underserving poor; poor houses or workhouses to follow soon. With Dr Lee's proposals from yesterday, Nanny will soon create the deserving and undeserving sick. Smokers, fatties and drinkers beware.

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    The idea is that these measures will cut down on the amount of alcohol being brought and consumed. The idea will not work.

    Brewers and distillers know their product and they know their market. It is their business to do so, and if there was any chance whatsoever that their profits were being put in jeopardy they would mount a legal challenge.

  3. Speenzman6:53 PM

    "3) It will increase the likelyhood of people, especially young kids, trying to steal the booze from supermarkets"

    or mugging the old and infirm to get their fix.

  4. Bring it on. This measure and all the others highlighted will wake people up what nanny intends for them which has to be a good thing does it not?

    Or am I being a tad optimistic?

  5. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Hello, apologies for going off topic. Re my comment yesterday regarding the Swedish toy catalogue, there is, so far no sign of this deliberate "gender swap" toy advertising here in Norway. I am sure they will get around it, but they haven't yet. There is also an article about this on the Guardian Comment is Free page. You would enjoy the comments. I can't imagine what the Daily Mail would make of this story, perhaps they will pick it up and I'll find out.
    Meanwhile, minimum pricing on alcohol won't make the slightest difference to consumption, people will just find a source of dangerous moonshine. If they want an advance look at the results of high alcohol pricing they only need to glance at the Scandinavian experience, no reduction in alcoholism rates, Saturday night binge drinking, poisonous illegal booze and rampant smuggling.


    1. Indeed so Marie, re your comments about Scandinavia.

      I lived in Stockholm for 5 years and saw an awful lot of very very drunk people in my time there. In order to save money many would take a bottle of vodka/hooch into pub toilets and swig from it there whilst nursing a very small cheap beer in the bar all evening.

      Hardly a healthy or social way to drink!

  6. all that will happen is people will make their own sell it to friends, then friends of friends it will become a serious crime and these alcohol suppliers will be treated as drug dealers nanny will jump in to protect the vunerable by focusing police on stopping this activity. All because nanny wants more tax.

  7. Anonymous10:19 AM

    If it were decided that too many people were spending too long sitting on their backsides on sofas, becoming increasingly unhealthy and therefore costing the NHS too much money, would it be reasonable for the government to set a minimum sofa price and stop places like DFS having promotions and selling discounted priced furniture?

    Of course not.
    They would be interfering in private business and free enterprise, and all furniture manufacturers would fight such measures. Quite rightly so, as it is for them to set their own pricing policies.

    The reason why the alcohol companies appear to be happy with the proposed minimum pricing scheme is because they know that it will not make one iota of difference to the amount of booze that they sell.

    Unfortunately, daft laws like these, once introduced, are never reversed.