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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Do Not Feed The Horses

Loyal readers with ultra long memories may recall that way back in June 2005 I wrote about how Nanny took offence to one of her horses being called gay:
"Sam Brown a student celebrating the end of his finals at Oxford happened upon a mounted police officer.

For reasons best known to himself, he asked as to whether the horse was gay.

Being a good student, when not receiving a satisfactory answer, he repeated the question a few times.

The police were not amused, and despite trying to apologise Brown found himself "nicked".

It seems that it required 6 officers to take track him down, he boldly tried to make a run for it, and bring him to justice.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said that the "homophobic comments" were offensive to the policeman and his horse.
It seems that seven years on, Nanny is still very sensitive when it comes to equine matters; as Francis Kelly found to his cost.

Mr Kelly was charged with causing a breach of the peace in Glasgow earlier this year.

For why?

He seemingly broke the law when he ignored police warnings and gave a sausage roll to a police horse.

Whilst it may well be that Mr Kelly was being a bit of a plonker, he claims that the horse looked hungry. Despite this, Nanny is planning to take him to court next year because in her view he behaved in a “threatening or abusive manner” by attempting to feed meat to the horse. 

Is this really an efficient use of police and the court's time and resources?

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  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    As there was fuck all else on the telly I decided to watch the dressage section of the Olympics.
    It occurred to me that it was little more than a competition to find the gayest horse.

    Also, if the Glasgow horse was not hungry, surely he would have refused the sausage roll.

    1. 'It occurred to me that it was little more than a competition to find the gayest horse'

      Yeah, and I'd wager they've all been groomed since early foalhood....

  2. If it had been a deep fried mars bar...

  3. Tonk.7:13 PM

    Our new police officers don't like people not doing as they're told......Still, arresting the guy for giving the horse something to eat, will allow plod to take DNA and finger prints to add to their database.

    We are the state: Do as you're told or we'll 'ave you.

  4. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I was in Ely some years back. There's a pub on the river. Some cows were in a field opposite munching away on the grass when suddenly one was mounted, from behind, by another. The pair of them gave every impression that they'd done this before. Lesbian cows?????

  5. Sam Brown stood up for himself and was eventally cleared, hopefully Francis Kelly will do likewise since there is far to much of the police making up the law as they go around.

  6. @Anon- The field in Ely - if you want to be REALLY confused by the habits of female cattle when in oestrus ('on heat')- look up "bulling (cattle)" in a well known on-line encyclopedia.
    [In the unlikely event a bull is present - they may even mount HIM.]

  7. Anonymous12:20 PM


    Then why the *@&@ don't woman 'in oestrus' take advantage of me? I'm regularly told that I talk a load of bull. That and my wonderful sense of humour - not a day going by without someone telling me I am 'full of wit' - at least I think it was 'wit' they said?!?

    It's really depressing when even 'lesbian cows' are getting more than you are!

    Cogito ergo doleo