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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Nanny Bans The Ploughman's Lunch

My thanks to Macheath who, based on yesterday's article about Nanny banning cheese, has unearthed Nanny's sinister plot to ban the Ploughman's Lunch!
"So now it's cheese...

Prof Graham McGregor, September 2011:
"It is frankly outrageous that bread still contains so much salt. The Department of Health needs to ensure that [...] all manufacturers reduce the salt of bread to less than the target of 1g per 100g."

Meanwhile, at the CASH website:
'Avoid salty spreads such as mustard, salted butter and pickle'

Bit by bit, he's basically declaring war on the ploughman's lunch
The pieces are falling into place now!

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  1. Come to Bulgaria, where you can eat, drink and smoke your way to either heaven or an early death without any interference at all: mind you, the hospitals take some beating - just one look inside one and you develop a terminal condition!

  2. "The Department of Health needs to ensure that..." which is why the mission of the DoH was changed to Public Health not so long ago, means it is in charge of your health and so able ro support diktats like that one.

    Prof Graham McGregor needs culling.

    1. While you're about it, how about these two as well?

      Professor Sir Nicholas Wald said prescribing cholesterol-busting statins and blood pressure pills based on age alone would be much easier and quicker than the current system.

      and Prof Colin Baigent, here making something of an asymptote of himself:
      "We've been taught over the years that high cholesterol is the thing that matters; you mustn't have high cholesterol. But what we've actually learned is that, whatever your level of cholesterol, reducing it further is beneficial."