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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Danish Nanny Repeals Fat Tax

As loyal readers know, Nanny likes to tax things that she doesn't approve of (eg booze and fags).

She claims that the tax reduces the demand for these "evil" vices, yet the more "worldly wise" of us know full well that she makes a nice little living out of the revenues raised by these taxes.

Anyhoo, as loyal readers are also aware Nanny often bleats about the harm we are doing ourselves by eating fat; on occasions there have been calls by Nanny's special little chums for a fat tax to be imposed.

Step forward Denmark which last year did just that.



One year on and the Danes have just repealed that tax.

For why?

It was harming the economy and, rather "bizarrely", has caused a spike in the demand for butter.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Mette Gjerskov, the minister for food, agriculture and fisheries:
"The fat tax is one of the most maligned we [have] had in a long time.

Now we have to try improving the public health by other means."
Now here's the thing that rather nails the lie that Nanny spins when she claims that the taxes are there for our own good, the fat tax netted an estimated €170M in 2012 in new revenue. Danish Nanny doesn't want to lose this increased revenue stream, so she will be raising income taxes and reduce personal tax deductions to offset the lost revenue.

So much for the lie that the taxes were meant to be for our own good!


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  1. Through out history, all Nannies have come out with more and more inventive ways to raise funds for her pet projects from the historical window tax to carbon tax: we even pay tax on tax regarding fuel!

    Nanny has a massive need for money as she expands her role. Nanny will never reduce her role, only increase it.

    I think people always spend their money better and more sensibly than never ever can and of course, when we spend our own money, we don't loose most of it in redistribution costs as Nanny does.

    1. never should read Nanny......oppppps