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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Licenced To Smoke

In October 2007 I wrote about one of Nanny's chums proposing that smokers should be made to apply for a licence to smoke:
"Prof Julian le Grand a former advisor to Tony Blair, has come up with the really potty idea that smokers should be forced to apply for an annual £200 licence in order to purchase cigarettes."
Some five years on and the idea has gained traction.

Step forward  Prof Simon Chapman from the University of Sydney who proposes that Nanny issue smokers with a licence.

As per the BBC:
"The application process might even include a test to find out if you understood the risks of smoking, and your swipe card licence would limit your tobacco purchases - perhaps to 50 cigarettes per day or less."
Here's why the idea is bollocks (aside from the very obvious point that it is not Nanny's place to do this):

1 Enforcing it would be almost impossible.

2 People with a permit would simply buy fags for their mates who don't have a permit.

3 It would require a special force of smoking permit inspectors to check on people who were seen smoking in the street.

4 In order for each smoker to see their GP every year, to have their permit renewed, it would take up 25 million appointments annually and rob millions of sick people of the chance of seeing their doctor.

Coming soon, Nanny's plans to issue licences for us to drink and eat fatty/salty/sugary foods!

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  1. Archroy11:43 AM

    Have you seen this? A bit of common sense creeping through:

  2. And- for a bit of closely reasoned Churnalism, about the man who (allegedly)created "the deadliest artefact in the history of human civilisation,"
    [Can you guess what THAT might be?]

  3. Anonymous3:43 PM

    According to the BBC website in the same article ONE BILLION people worldwide are predicted to die from smoking related diseases this century, and it must be remembered that almost all illnesses, regardless of the age at which they are contracted, are regarded as ‘smoking related’..

    You can make scare stories out of anything. For instance, it is stated that 5,000 children die each day from drinking dirty water. That would be a total of 182.5 million predicted deaths this century.

    At the moment the world’s population is an estimated 7 billion and all these plus the next generation will die anyway in the present century. A total of 14 billion people will die of natural causes. You can then add on billions more for natural disasters and the poor life expectancy in highly populated third world countries. A reasonable estimate for total deaths in this century would be about 20 billion whether people smoke or not.

    I will take my chances.

    The only good thing to come out of this obsession that politicians have with what we should eat, drink and smoke is that the climate does not seem to be changing as much as it was with the previous government.

  4. Tonk.3:52 PM

    All Nanny wants people to do is be born, work, drop dead.

    I don't smoke: never have but, Nanny needs to decide whether smoking is to be a crime or not and, if it is, then she needs to ban it however, prohibition didn't work, the drug laws don't work and, as I understand it, Nanny makes a huge amount of money from tax on cigarettes etc even after deducting the money required to pay for the smoke related illnesses she goes on and on about.