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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, November 05, 2012

Come Squeeze My Cox's Orange Pippins

I am ungemused to see that Nanny, in her quest for maximum health and safety, has taken steps to erode yet another part our national culture and heritage.

This time Nanny has taken umbrage at the cries of market traders.

For why?

Nanny is concerned that traders who yell their wares and prices to passing punters may damage the hearing of those around them.

The result?

Nanny's chums from North Lincolnshire council have banned stallholders at Scunthorpe Market from shouting about their lovely pears etc etc.

The Mail reports that greengrocer Simon Stanley has been banned from the market and given a £1,000 legal fee for breaking the rule. Others have also faced the threat of bans and legal fees.

It seems that the council is using a new charter as the bedrock for its "right" to ban the cries of market traders.

There is one wee problem with the charter, it was imposed without discussion on the traders and not one of them has signed it; ie the council has turned dictator.

Councils are the enemies of the people!

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I take it that the same law will not apply to the noise from the megaphones that are fitted onto the roofs of cars, buses and vans, which are used to try to encourage us to vote one way or another at election times.

  2. Archroy12:07 PM

    Didn't the 'Arab Spring' revolutions begin when some official started bossing a market trader around and gave him a slap?

    People of Scunthorpe, arise.

  3. Tonk.7:05 PM

    I suspect this is yet another example of a small man, employed by the council, that has a little bit of power but neither the intelligence nor the sophistication to exercise that power in a sensible manner.

    I think with out the shouting and banter in a market, the atmosphere is lost.

    Some times I think some council officials adopt a policy of, what would everyone else want, or what is the commonsense thing to do and then adopt the opposite view. Our public sector are full of such social misfits.

  4. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Does anybody know if this poor chap has a fighting fund?

  5. Anonymous10:14 PM

    But the Council allow the traders to "call out" after 1pm on Saturdays. So a bit two faced.