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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nanny Hates Cheese

Oh dear oh dear, I see our old chums from Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) are on the warpath again.

This time they are ranting about the amount of salt put into cheese.

Seemingly the most salty cheese is roquefort.

Cash keep prattling on that salt intake should be less than 6g a day.


The amount of salt intake that is "safe" depends on the age, health, size, fluid intake and sweat of an individual.

Cash chairman Prof Graham MacGregor is quoted by the BBC:
"Even small reductions will have large health benefits. For every one gram reduction in population salt intake we can prevent 12,000 heart attacks, stroke and heart failure, half of which would have been fatal.

The Department of Health must now stop its delaying tactics and set new much lower targets for cheese manufacturers, and make sure they achieve them. The cheese industry must comply if we are to save the maximum number of lives." 
Piss off!

I like strong salty cheese, it is not Nanny's place to dictate to me what type of cheese I can eat.

What is it with these single issue groups that makes them think that they have the right to dictate to us what we may or may not drink, eat, smoke or imbibe?

Dr Judith Bryans, director of the Dairy Council, notes that Cash is using dodgy research to justify its own warped philosophy:
"The Cash survey is mixing up the effect of cheese on health with the effect of salt on health.

Cheese provides a wide range of nutrients including protein, vitamins and important minerals such as calcium.

Salt is an integral part of the cheese-making process. It is not added for taste or flavour but for safety and technical reasons.

Cheese manufacturers have worked very hard to reduce salt levels in their products and worked constructively and positively with government agencies to do this whilst producing products which are nutritious, safe and acceptable to the consumer."
Well said!

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  1. Tonk.2:59 PM

    I hate single issue groups.....Why do elected politicians take so much notice of them. Incidently, if one took in no salt, one would die.

    If I want to eat salty cheese, that should be my choice and the government should applaud me for doing so because, if CASH etc are right, I will die soon anyway and thus, the state will nolonger have to carry on paying my pension.

    Everything in moderation.

  2. Archroy3:04 PM

    Who provides the cash for CASH?

  3. Archroy3:20 PM

    Ive just checked the 'Fake charities' website. It's interesting:

    "In 2008/09, the charity received a total income of £251,378, of which:

    •Food Standards Agency: £30,000 (11.9% of all income)

    CASH received a total of £1,000 in individual donations. Various nervous/quisling food manufacturers have made token contributions of £2,000 or less. For some reason, the property company OMC Investments Ltd is by far the biggest donor, contributing £200,000 in 2008/09."

    Here's OMC Investments:

    "From Marcela Trust accounts:

    On 14th December 2009, the trust received a donation of 3,819,442 shares in Nissan U.K. Holdings Limited. The Marcela Trust is now the majority shareholder in Nissan U.K. Holdings Limited, which in turn owns 100% of the shares of OMC Investments Limited."

    So it looks like CASH is funded by Nissan UK.

    More information here:

    Maybe the Bureau of Investigative journalism could take a look at these people?

  4. Blimey you can't trust Big Cheese.

    Mind you, this has to be the quote of the day 'The cheese industry must comply if we are to save the maximum number of lives'.

    Ever feel you're living in a never ending Monty Python Sketch? One of their unfunny ones?

    1. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Ha! Never ending Monty Python sketch!!

      Sadly, every single day of my life, proglodyte!

      Debbie in the US

  5. So now it's cheese...

    Prof Graham McGregor, September 2011:
    "It is frankly outrageous that bread still contains so much salt. The Department of Health needs to ensure that [...] all manufacturers reduce the salt of bread to less than the target of 1g per 100g."

    Meanwhile, at the CASH website:
    'Avoid salty spreads such as mustard, salted butter and pickle'

    Bit by bit, he's basically declaring war on the ploughman's lunch.

  6. A few thoughts:

    My first thought when seeing "Consensus Action on Salt and Health" was "Who?" (And I don't mean World Health Organisation.)

    My second thought was "Consensus" is a tad strong. If they want to keep the acronym, how about "Conjecture About Salt and Health"?

    Third, for the perfect banned meal, you should wash your ploughman's down with a decent summer ale (ideally, substantially more than 45 pence worth IMHO).

    Finally as an Englishman, I say stuff your Roquefort, I'll have 4 ounces* of Stilton!

    * a more sensible cheese measuring unit than the gram.