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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Nanny Bans Nipples

Oooh err Missus, as we all know Brighton is not exactly prudish when it comes to matters risque. Therefore I was surprised to learn that Brighton Nanny has got her knickers in a twist over a mural of a woman with nipple tassels, that has adorned the wall of a burlesque shop for a number of years.

Owner Nic Ramsey said she was forced to paint over the artwork after complaints were made to the council.

How many people complained?

A staggering total to TWO!

Ah Nanny's favourite weapon, that she loves to deploy in order to stifle freedom of expression, the tyranny of the minority.

As well as the painting of Laura Nixon, a Brighton-based Marilyn Monroe look alike, with nipple tassels and a multicoloured fan, Nanny also banned an animal mural of the Garden of Eden with insects “bonking” and bugs having threesomes.

The Argus reports that about 20 women donned nipple tassels to protest against the loss of the mural before it was painted over.

Despite the nipple ban, I understand that Brighton's annual nude bike ride will continue as will the nudist beach.

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  1. There are more tits in councils that you will ever see painted naked on a wall.

  2. Will the Brighton 'authori-titties' now ban ALL covered nipples?

    And any 'bare bits of front chest' on ALL participants in "Pride"?

  3. Being Brighton the complaints were probably because nipple tassles are not gay enough.