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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Nanny's Nasty Little Habit II

I was pondering how to bring about change in this country last night, whilst out on the town.

After consuming healthy quantities of brandies and Irish coffees I had something of an epiphany.

It is clear that our current politicians (whatever their claimed political allegiance) are a waste of space. They have let us down big time, and have only loyalty to themselves and the political club that they belong to. Our interests are not at all served by these self serving intellectually stunted pygmies.

To this end, despite my suggestion yesterday that we should only vote for those politicians who promise to repeal Nanny's laws, it will be utterly pointless to trust any politician whatever they may promise.

The only way to bring about change is to administer shock therapy to the "body politic", and scare the hell out of these useless individuals.

What would possibly scare them?

Voting for people who are not politicians.


The only thing that these guys really fear, is being made to look irrelevant.

This requires people to stand for parliament who are not politicians, who do not belong to a political party and who do not intend to do anything other than repeal laws.

In other words their only action in parliament will be to repeal laws, they will not make any new ones.

I guarantee that the country will run better for this, plus it will show how utterly irrelevant politicians really are.

That will scare the hell out of the current lot.

What say you my loyal readers?

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  1. Its a sensible idea Ken however, too many people in this country are owned by the main parties....I would like to see the power of the party's leader and the whips office reduced. The way modern politics works is that the leader is god and whatever he says goes, no contary opinion will be tolerated....Look how this attitude has destroyed my beloved Conservative Party....At grass roots level, we hate Cameron-Blair in much the same way Labour grass root supporters hated Butt wipe Blair and now Brown....I hate what modern British politics has become under egotistical, sound bite and opinion poll led party leaders.

    Sadly, people see voting for anyone other than the big two as a wasted vote and thus, like good little yes sheep, the main parties keep the status quo....No real choice means no real democracy.

    I would still like to se a box at the bottom of the ballot paper for "None of the above."

    Enjoy dreaming responsibly.

  2. The Repeal Party? I think it has a certain ring.

    BTW, one of the more sensible legilative ideas, which of course no legislature of which I'm aware actually implements, is to pass laws, fund initiatives and create bureaucracies with built in expiration dates. In other words, every five years or so, the legislation comes up for a re-vote, and can thus be done away with. As things stand now, once the government passes a new law or creates a new Office of Whatever, it's forever.

    I guess that's the way they like it.

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I also wonder if any who initially wanted to "serve the country" or better "the people" get pressured into or scared into some decisions or even worse once in power. I am sure that has always gone on, but I think that those issues, as well as corruption, have become worse.

    I think Britian needs some genuinely patriotic non-politicians and "good enough" politicians who also have expertise in a wide range of areas - business, manufacturing and service industries, entrepreneurs, managers, retail, economists, engineers, scientists, academics and teachers, policemen and those from the armed services and protection industries, retail, the City, even some good judges, actuaries, computer geeks, accountants, auditors, creative types, ethical doctors who believe in the Hippocratic oath, people who understand the lot of all parts of society including the working, middle and upper class issues, rural as well as non-rural areas, the old young and in between, the employed and unemployed, and the vulnerable and not vulnerable. People who care for people and the country who have not been corrupted by this modern everyone-for-themself, we-are-all-widgets-not-people, no-ethics-privacy-choice-or-respect & rearrange-the-decks-rather-than-steering-the-boat-away-from-the-rocks mentality. And the red tape and officiousness needs to be reduced - it is killing the capacity of people to thrive. Also, youth, especially in bad areas, have lower prospects for employment, and need mor alternatives to welfare or crime, and help to flourish more they are not. Britain needs some industry and real jobs. Its not too late.
    And it needs more MPS who are "good-enough" ethically yet have the practical expertise and experience of life at different levels, so they're not as fooled by some reports and can bring some good ideas. Also, hopefully more MPs who don't get mesmerised by important or powerful people, though there is nothing wrong with money or power if not abused, and we all need to listen to experts from all walks of life, rich or not. People who will look at the micro and macro, short and long-term effects of issues - and get repeal llaws, but also read and think about legislation or changes before voting. Less of parliamentary bubble; less of a feeding-trough mentality; less ambition and more service; less change or "modern" ideas for the sake of novelty or spin. I hope more MPS will lsiten to their conituents and have an army of the above, so they can bounce decisions of peopl, and avoid decisions which have bad short or long-term effects. Also, less abuse of statutory instruments or sneaking in laws in other ways. And more sovereignty and protect the community including pubs and local shops and services. As a Chistian I also want people to have freedom of conscience and liberty. And less intrusion of the state including supra-national institutions and quangos (national or not) into the lives of people. Smaller but better, more accountable, more transparent government. Mps have to serve local as well as national needs. And there is a limited number of seats. Local government could also improve. And the British people might become more active in non-criminal ways and not be so passive where they are. Government fears when people get active and chooses to listen to them and change or become abusive. Also I hope the Biritsh people will not despair and will take back normal control of their lives and communities where they currently don't, in ethicial ways.

    Ken, would you stand?(though I would hope this blog would continue - it cheers me and stimulates my braincells).

  4. Anonymous3:25 PM

    It's a nice thought, Ken, but no one has a chance of being elected these days unless you went to Oxbridge and studied PPE.

    The political stitch-up continues.

  5. Old Greeny9:34 AM

    An excellent idea IMHO. How do I start? Was it the ancient Greeks who had a system where they had 100laws (I think?) and if a new one was proposed, one of the others had to be repealed? And wasn't there some penalty that if you're propsed law wasn't accepted, you were topped? Or did I imagine that?

  6. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Your article on
    has disappeared when I go to your site!

    I wanted to say about it:
    The man was modelling great traits to his kids and others and community - resourceful volunteering when the school lacked a lollipop man, as happens in life (life is full of uncontrollable surprises, good and bad) and not charging for it. He was reducing the risk of harm to the children, and the liability of the school, should anything have happened to the children crossing the road while the lollipop person was absent. He was increasing community spirit. And, given nanny's attacks on men, I am glad for him and his fmily that there are still men willing to risk doing traditional male things like using their initiave and volunteering to help children and the community.

    Can't the council say "no" or "there is no problem needing fixing" or "we don't need to change anything about the situaion" "when people innocently or mistakenly or maliciously complain?

    Aren't rules and procedures there to promote life and well-being, not stifle it?

  7. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells1:02 PM

    A Council goose-stepper said:

    "relevant paperwork to vet Mr Hodge had not been completed on time."

    As usual, rules and regulations come before common sense. Obviously more important than childrens' lives.

    Anonymous said:

    "Can't the council say "no" or "there is no problem needing fixing" or "we don't need to change anything about the situaion" "when people innocently or mistakenly or maliciously complain?"

    No, because today's councils are full of power-crazed, Common-Purpose brainwashed control freaks obsessed with the enforcement of petty rules and without a shred of any sense of proportion nor indeed common sense.

    "Aren't rules and procedures there to promote life and well-being, not stifle it?"

    In a civilised society, yes. But not in ZanuLabour's post-democratic neo-feudal distopia.

  8. I like the idea too. The chances of a non-politician being elected would be almost nil unless a particular seat held by an unpopular MP was targeted.
    The Niel Hamilton model for me seems the way to go.

    WF: forcu - not joking!

  9. or you could make them take the pledge.

  10. Just to make it clear, I have no affiliations to any political party, but whilst searching for some local recycling information, I came across something relevant. It appears that the Lib Dems are at least one mainstream party that have been having similar ideas about repealing some of the odious legislation of recent years and they have drafted a Freedom Bill. The policy briefing document is also on the Lib Dem website.

  11. I like this idea, and would combine it with my lifelong policy of always voting against the government in any election just to keep the buggers on their toes.

  12. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Excellent idea!! I am reminded of a lovely line of Sir Humprey Appleby's in Yes, Prime Minister. Why newly elected PM Jim Hacker ask's "what should I do?", Humprey replies, "Can I suggest, Masterly Inactivity!"

    The Repeal Party has my vote!

  13. great idea. Why not form a new party called the Independent Party which has no policies but only insists that nobody should belong to it? Voters should then be encouraged to vote for someone who is not affiliated to any of the political parties?

  14. Anonymous5:02 PM

    "Our interests are not at all served by these self serving intellectually stunted pygmies."

    Pygmies everywhere will be mortally offended by this comment! ;)