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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let It Snow II

Suffice to say my own local council's "efforts" to grit the local roads, and keep things running smoothly were a shambles!

Witness the jolly exchange of emails I had with our "leader":

"20 December 2009


Despite comments in the Argus that you are proud about how the council has handled the snow; why is that XXXX Hill, XXXX St etc and many other parts of Hanover have not seen a single grit lorry or indeed sack of grit since the snow arrived Thursday?

The roads are impassable in places, people falling over (ambulances can't reach them) and doubtless the insurance costs (to be levied by claims against the council for negligence) mounting minute by minute.

We are pretty well cut off up here, but be assured we won't forget how proud you are of your council's "achievements" wrt the snow/ice.

Out of mild curiosity when will the grit arrive, before or after the snow melts?


Kind regards

Ken Frost...

Subject: RE: XXX Hill etc cut off
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 09:55:34 +0000

Dear Mr Frost, thank you for your email.

We do understand the frustrations of residents who have been faced with treacherous conditions during this particularly severe freeze.

All of our gritting lorries and ploughs were working around the clock during the weekend to clear the main roads. We also have 350 salt bins on pavements around the city.

However, it is not possible to keep all 3,000 of the city's roads free from ice and snow in the hours immediately following a severe freeze without massively increasing the cost to taxpayers. Instead, busy bus routes and roads into key sites, such as hospitals, are prioritised so that economic and social activity can continue in the city.

Because conditions were considerably more icy than predicted, we also diverted all refuse, recycling and parks staff onto hand gritting pavements yesterday.

Further information about what the Council has been doing in the city is available on our web site

Regards ...

Thank you Mary.

The hand gritters (binmen I believe?) finally reached XXX Hill and the related areas around midday Monday (after I had emailed you about the issue).

Kind regards

Ken Frost

Pride cometh before a fall, and it now seems that there will be a review of how "well" the council handled this issue:)

Councils, don't you just love em?

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  1. microdave12:22 PM

    "Because conditions were considerably more icy than predicted"

    Oh, let me guess - they weren't expecting any sub zero temperatures - the world is warming due to rising CO2 levels.....

    Except it's not.

    When I were a 'lad it was normal for gangs of workers to help clear pavements, indeed we all used to clear the bits outside our houses. But now you never see anything other than gritting lorries, and no householder or shopkeeper is going to risk a compensation claim if some idiot carefully manages to slip on a cleared area.

    Thank you Gordon, Tony, and the rest of your scumbag mates for ruining my country.

  2. Microdave;

    There used to be road salt/grit bins on many street corners, sadly the feral yoofs(sic-just to keep the spelling police happy:-D)decided to light fires in them, so they were removed; The bins not the youths!!
    It is a sad state of affairs when one feels too exposed to litigation if one decides to clear the path.....Of course, you would likely get a fly tipping fine if you put sharp sand down on the path.
    Nu Labour have indeed ruined our nation.

    Perhaps the "chain gangs" on community service could clear pavements....Oh, hang on a minute, I expect 'elf'n'safety would say it was too dangerous for them to do that; Silly me!!!

    Enjoy clearing paths responsibly.

  3. Hi Microdave and Tonk

    I cleared my path and the bit of street outside my house last night.

    I forgot that kind of thing is now a capital offence.


    My bin is still snowed in aswell.

  4. We have not seen an ounce of grit in our village. All the roads around and in Tunbridge Wells except for the A21 didn't get any either.

    Today is bin day and they are 7 hours late already.

  5. smithy2:18 PM

    OK - we are all sick of the way the country is run; the way politicians are only in it for themselves; the way small minded people have the biggest voices; and the way our country has been taken from us, the ordinary people.

    How about we form a new party in the new year and we, the ordinary people, contest the next election ?

    A party which is for: much less state control; a government which is there for the people, not itself and those in it; less pointless waste of taxpayers money; politicians, ministers and top civil servants who are prepared to do the job for a reasonable wage and no more; a country which we all want to live in, and not leave because of the incompetence of those who manage its affairs; and a party which is very much in favour of the application of some simple common sense.

    Think about it.

    ... and in the meantime have a very Happy Christmas !