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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Brighton and Hove Council

Merry Christmas
Missed Refuse Collection FW: Confirmation‏
From: Ken Frost (
Sent: 24 December 2009 11:55:05
To: mary mears (
Cc: news argus (



Whilst I appreciate that owing to the lack of grit (see earlier emails) our road was impassable last Friday (editor's note: refuse collection day), now the snow has gone of its own accord it may be in the interests of health and hygiene that someone clears the rubbish that has accumulated outside every house on XXXX Hill (the seagulls have having a very Merry Christmas pulling apart the sacks).

Next scheduled collection (according to your website) is 29th.

We shall be infested with rats by then.

Merry Christmas!

Ken Frost

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  1. Ken,
    Our refuse collection was missed too. I pointed out to our council that the dustmen had not been diverted to gritting and snow clearace as none of the roads or footpaths in the village had seen any grit at all. I informed them all refuse will be burnt if there was no refuse collection prior to Christmas.

  2. Old Greeny9:13 PM

    Koba, Koba, Koba!! Burning your refuse? Oh, HOW DARE YOU!! What will that do to your "Carbon Footprint"? I hope you will plant lots of trees and stuff to compensate. Oh, and I hope you've conducted a thorough risk assessment before you use mathse...

  3. Refuserefused.8:12 PM

    Our refuse collection was missed also, or so we thought.

    Bury Council, in their infinite wisdom, changed our collection day from a Wednesday to Tuesday. However, they forgot to inform us of the change, and so plenty of people in my area did not have their refuse collected, and won't do until Tuesday.

    There is no collection of additional refuse either, unlike previous years.

  4. Lord T11:12 AM

    I'm confused. Surely with Global Warming there is less snow than previous years. Surely that should mean they get the gritting trucks out less and have more time to pick up our bins.

  5. Old Greeny3:48 PM

    Come on, Lord T! Get a grip! Global warming only affects other places - in England we will suffer Global Cooling! Obviously...

  6. Tonk.5:11 PM

    Off topic I know but.....It is the season of goodwill.....

    My sister and her seventeen year old son went into Sainsbury's in Didcot.
    She attempted to purchase some alcopops with her other shopping....The checkout drone refused to serve her because she had her son with her, unless she produced ID, which she was unable to do....The supervisor was called and backed the checkout drone....My sister said that the store could have keep its shopping however, my nephew talked her into keeping the shopping and paying for it, minus the booze of course, because he didn't want to spend any more time shopping....Like a fool my sister went along with the kid's wishes.....I would not have done so.....All of my packed shopping would have been tipped out onto the conveyor to cause the most inconvenience for the store.....Well done Sainsburys....Why do you operate such a silly system Justin King? There is nothing illegal for any adult to purchase alcohol nor is it illegal to give alcohol to a minor in your own home....None of the alcohol my sister attempted to buy would have gone to a minor anyway........Have Sainsburys, Tescos, Asda and Boots become the policing wing of Labour Nanny?

    I shall be selling my share holding in Sainsburys in the new year.....

    My I also say I don't like the new Nanny anti smoking ad that both exploits children and uses emotional blackmail against adults....I don't smoke myself, never have but, Nanny needs to decide is smoking a legal activity that adults can partake in or not....and stop exploiting children in your propaganda messages.......Stop treating kids like adults and adults l8ike kids.