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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let It Snow

As the country, and Eurofailure, bask in the heat of global warming spare a thought for the poor old reindeer.

Twelve reindeer were booked to appear at a Christmas display in Market Harborough, until that is Nanny (in the shape of council health and safety gestapo) stuck their sallow, twisted scrofulous noses in.

Can you guess what happened my loyal readers?

Yes, that's right, Nanny banned the reindeer.

For why?

Isn't it obvious?

It might snow, and the reindeer (and people attending) might injure themselves.

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  1. I should jolly well think so!
    Imagine those poor little reindeer actually being out in the snow.
    They may get cold and wet and suffer from hoof rot and runny nose and cold winds to make their eyes run and they may get their antlers stuck in Christmas trees and . . . . . . . . .

    Health & Safety - what a load of pillocks!

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    p.s. Merry Christmas to Ken and his readers

  3. Philippa1:01 PM

    And the Elf of Safety says:Bah humbug!

  4. Tonk.1:02 PM

    This has got to be one of the daftest stories of the year; and God knows there's been a few....Having watched "South Today" last night on Al-Jabeeba, I wonder if Ken is snowed in at Frost Towers, it appears the local authority in Ken's part of the world, has done almost nothing to keep the roads and paths clear of ice.....I wonder what our beloved local authorities spend all that Rip Off tax on, well other than glossy brochures telling me how well they've spent our money on things such as diversity training and, as is the case in my home town, Pigeon Contraception (I kid you not; The hawk is too expensive to keep in the air or so local Nanny tells us; honest)

    I am currently in negotiation with my local civil engineering contractor, to come into my home and re-inforce my floor under my doormat for when my rip off tax bill arrives in the new year along with all the glossy brochures and other crap from the police, local council, town council, enviroment agency, fire service and ambulance service etc etc, telling me how much of my money they are spending to achieve their targets etc etc.....Last year, "the package" was the size of a telephone book, I fear this year, with out the aforementioned work being carried out, it may seriously damage my floor and foundations;-)

  5. Bucko the Snowman2:49 PM

    The snow is really quite bad down here in sunny Darwen. Most of the side streets are completely impassable and yesterday the M65 was thick with snow and traffic crawling along.

    However, on the local radio news "Council Bosses" said that there was no need to worry as all the roads had been adequately gritted. They dont even bother to make their lies believeable anymore, they just make stuff up.

    Anyway, the next news item was that local bin collections have been suspended because of "dangerous" conditions.

    Make your fookin minds up council bosses.

    There are 40f wagons managing to make deliveries to our yard in these "dangerous" conditions.

  6. Tonk,
    You make reference to 'Diversity Training'. This is another big evil from Gordon Brown and his noxious friends. The point they don't seem to get is that diversity means accepting diversity and those who hold a different view.

  7. Tonk.3:51 PM


    I agree....It is my opinion that one of the biggest obstacles to integration and equality etc,are the very laws and agencies that try to force it upon us.
    If people were left alone, integration would take place naturally....By making race crimes and ism and "phobe" crimes in a special class, it gives fuel to those that feel foreigners and other pet groups get special treatment.....The whole raft of "new" legislation nanny brought in regarding so called hate crimes, were already crimes under then existing law; Assault is assault for example, no matter what a victim's sexuality or colour happens to be.

  8. Toy Trumpet4:11 PM

    As someone who has struggled to their works Xmas party, only to discover that the snow has caused it to be cancelled for "Health and Safety" reasons... I don't even have an opportunity for a drink to get over this kind of snow related stupity.


  9. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Reindeers, snow that all sounds very Christmas like. Nanny will not have that and it must be cancelled. Now,if it were a festival oh I don't know ritual goat slaughter and condemnation of all things evil and Westeren from the 'religion of peace' Nanny would bend over backwards to ensure it still went ahead.

  10. Old Greeny5:26 PM

    Yes, Tonk...Out here in Suffolk, as far as I know none of the country roads have been gritted, resulting in Old Greeny missing two of his three nights at the pub. So let me see....I have no street lights, bin collection once a fortnight (and the bin is about the size of a thimble), no gritting, no coppers (maybe not a bad thing?)....I do use the local library, though (when I can get there). So, I wonder what all my extorted money pays for?

  11. glenn5:35 PM

    Roads seem to have been gritted and are fine to go on in South Wales, but pavements? Nah, forget about them. Nobody important walks anymore, after all.

    But we're told to leave the car at home and walk, for the sake of our health, conserving the country's money, and of course to combat global warming.

    So how come pavements are left covered in ice, cycle lanes the same, and they're in terrible condition? Cracked up, non-existent a lot of the time, totally unlit if they're not next to a road, and that's when they're not used by some selfish bastard to park their car.

  12. Santa6:17 PM

    Ho ho bloody ho.

  13. David J Hilton7:07 PM

    Miserable twats

  14. Anonymous9:58 AM

    "but pavements? Nah, forget about them. Nobody important walks anymore, after all."

    Yep, same round here. It's made it impossible to go running, as I normally would.

    And I'll be buggered sideways with a splintered broom before I pay the £70 a month David Lloyd want for using their treadmill!