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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prats of The Week - Poole Council

Prats of The WeekWell done Poole council for winning my prestigious "Prats of The Week" award.

The other week it was widely reported that the "good" councillors of Poole had installed a fake cone shaped Christmas tree, costing £14K, in the town centre.

For why?

There were "health and safety" fears that the real one, that they normally use, would fall over.

The cone was made of artificial turf stretched over an aluminium frame, and stood 33ft high. It was weighed down with two tons of ballast to prevent it from toppling, had LED lights around it and played Christmas carols.

Can you guess what happened next my loyal readers?

Yes, that's right, owing to a public outcry (and the fact that some people climbed on the cone and damaged it) the council have now replaced the cone with a real tree!

Poole council, well deserving Prats of The Week.

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  1. Why not just weigh down a real tree with two tons of ballast????

    Oh right....that would be sensible and would not cost 14k.

  2. Julius Caesar11:55 AM

    Better idea: why not weigh down with ballast the twat that came up with the idea of a fake Christmas tree in the first place, take him/her out to the middle of the harbour, then dump him/her into the sea? That would not cost anything like £14k either!

  3. Well, I understand that governments throughout the developed world now have more money than they know what to do with thanks to a binge of deficit spending which is just barely preventing (or forestalling) an economic apocalypse. Just consider it a "stimulus package " for the local economy.

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Just a correction to this article, it wasn't the council who have provided the good people of Poole with a genuine fir tree, but the management and owners of Dolphin Shopping Centre (Grosvenor Group Holdings).

    Also, it was not Poole Council who funded the original cone, but the Town Centre Management Board through private funding. Although, Poole council were the ones responsible for saying that a real tree would cause elf and safety issues.

    Cost of cone: £14k
    Cost of real tree (estimate): £400.

    Enjoy Christmas Trees responsibly.

  5. Julius Ceasar - I bow to your better idea

  6. Tonk.2:06 PM

    It does seem that the public sector still don't understand we are in a serious finacial crisis....Waste upon waste, regulation to cause more waste etc etc.

    I see that "Cast Iron Cameron-Blair" has caught the disease of Nu Labour....He wants to spend a fortune (20bn) to make homes more energy efficient and send council snoopers around homes to enforce it.....Nu Labour or Blue Labour; We're doomed which ever way you look at it.

    We too have a town centre management committe and manager, as well as a town centre Czar/champion....We are a Conservative borough but, our council is a client of Common Purpose.

    Enjoy wasting tax payers money responsibly.....As if!!!

  7. Anonymous12:53 AM

    I don't know if anyone has seen this but it is bloody crazy. A British diplomat has gone missing in China. Is this real?

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