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Monday, December 21, 2009

Toys R'nt Us

I Am The Law
Beware buying your sprogs toy guns this Christmas.

It seems that Nanny's police may take umbrage at seeing a game of cops and robbers being played out on the street by children, and send in armed marksmen.

A spokesman for Essex Police recently warned that children who wield the toys in public places could 'get an MP5 [submachine gun] put in your face'.

I had a large collection of toy guns and bows and arrows, when I was a nipper; come to think of it I still have some of them somewhere!

Best not go outside and play cops and robbers then!

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  1. Welcome back Ken.

    There was a front page story on the Lancashire Telegraph last Friday.
    Cops were complaining that the armed response unit keeps being called out because of kids with toy guns. They were advising parents not to buy them for their children.

    It just goes to show, labour banning handguns from all and sundry cannot have worked if the law beleive little children can get their hands on real guns to go out and play with.

    This is only the beginning. Eventually toddlers will be able to get their hands on plastic nuclear weapons. We are all doomed.

  2. Welcome back Ken; I wonder if this is to do with the feminisation of males by Nanny.....It seems any traditional male traits and hobbies must be eliminated in the name of equality.....Ken, I am concerned that you have admitted to owning bows and arrows and toy guns....Expect an early morning call from the boys in black with one of those nice big red front door keys!!

    Enjoy toy guns responsibly.

  3. Yes but whats worse - the police turning up guns blazing to kids with toy guns or the people phoning the police?

  4. Next they will be asking young children to pass a cycling test and buy road tax before they can take their bikes out.

  5. Ken - Do you also own a huge plastic cod piece like the one in the picture?

  6. Bucko;

    Of course Ken has one!!!....His "Busy Ness" trip was nothing to do with accounting, it was an international fetish convention....The picture at the head of the thread is his holiday snap;-)

  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Was the "offence" that children appeared to be in an OK-Corral stand off, or was it that the children were seen outside playing, full stop?

    After all, children must not be seen in public, in case a paedo also sees them...

    In which case, the full armed response seems very appropriate.

    It's about time all children wore full on Birkas 24hrs a day, so that these dirty paedos can't get their kicks by looking at our precious children!

    (Hint: sarcasm ;)

  8. I plead guilty.

    I used to play 'Japs'n'Americans'

    Can't play NuLab'n'Tories because they are on the same side.

  9. Lord of Atlantis1:54 PM

    If we are talking about replica guns, I can understand the police having some concerns, as it is often very difficult to distinguish such from real guns; and replica guns can be converted to fire bullets if one has the knowhow. But come on, virtually all of us have played games involving toy guns in our youth, and any adult with half a brain cell who happened to come upon us, was able to see at a glance that they were just toys. (In my own case, my friends and I were spies and secret agents battling for supremacy, SPECTRE operatives v James Bond and other 00s, [unfortunately, I didn't have the services of a white cat] or THRUSH agents v UNCLE agents: happy days!).

  10. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells2:42 PM

    Funny how Nanny has such a concern for children that every adult is now regarded to be a paedo unless we hand money over to one of her pet corporations to "certify" as otherwise, yet her stormtroopers have openly admitted to be willing to threaten said children with machine guns.

    As Lord of Atlantis says, anyone can tell the difference between a kid's cap-gun and a replica/real weapon. Well, anyone except Nanny's "finest".

    A friend and I once blew the inspection covers off a septic tank with a home-made explosive device, but this was back in the mid-Sixties. Had we done so now we'd have probably ended up in Belmarsh. I wish I had the wherewithal to get out of this country for good.

  11. See, this is why Labour thought that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    If only those darned Iraqi parents hadn't let bought their kids some plastic suitcase-nukes for Christmas...

  12. the man from UNCLE4:57 PM

    That is a picture of Ken at the weekend - he does live in Brighton you know. I had the full Man from UNCLE kit (suitcase as I recall with gun,badge, compass etc etc, but alas no sharp suit ala Napoleon Solo or Oldsmobile Cutlass sedan either.

    How tough of our Nazi boys in black to threaten kids but still they do fuck all about the real crims.

  13. Anonymous6:03 PM

    If some of the toys look like real ones, why aren't nanny-types talking to the manufacturers etc.?

    I am concerned about a precendent of stopping people buying or selling goods which are legal. It is sad if it has become such a problem that some police feel the need to tell parents not to buy legal toys.

    I understand it is perfectly normal for many boys to play soldier type games. I hope Nanny-types aren't trying to make boys be like girls - not a good idea and quite harmful to them and society including girls.

  14. Anonymous12:24 PM

    "I am concerned about a precendent of stopping people buying or selling goods which are legal."

    That's the thing isn't it? You can still buy them, but not use them in public, effectively. A bit like dildos, I suppose.

    Let's face it, according to Nanny, only evil, careless parents would let their kids play out in public anyway...