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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Kid You Not!

I Kid You Not!
Seen in a pub in Brighton last night, a notice attached to the condom machine:

"For use by 18 year olds or over only"


No wonder Nanny's Britain has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in Europe!

I saw some "Christian" doctor pontificating on the news that supplying contraceptives to teens "encouraged them to have sex".

What farking planet does he live on?

Teens need absolutely no encouragement at all to have (or to try to have) sex, lack of contraceptives will not stop a hormone riddled teens from "taking a chance" that they won't get pregnant.

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  1. Julius Caesar11:14 AM

    Irrespective of the rights or wrongs of teenagers having sex, although personally, as a practicing Christian, who believes, as old-fashioned as this may be, that sexual relations should be confined to those who are married, surely this restriction in the Brightion pub is in itself illegal, because, for better or worse, the age of consent in this country is 16 years, not eighteen?

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:26 AM

    Julius Caesar said:

    "surely this restriction in the Brightion pub is in itself illegal, because, for better or worse, the age of consent in this country is 16 years, not eighteen?"

    .......and anyway since when has there been any restriction on who can buy condoms? They aren't an age-controlled product.

  3. I agree with the doctor.....I also agree with Ken, they don't need encouraging......Morally, our nation has desended to the level of ferral cats. It is true to say we have the highest levels of teenage single mothers of any western nation but we need to address the reasons why, I think there are two main reasons; Firstly, there is no longer any stigma attached to being an unmarried mother and secondly, through our benefit system and access to housing, we effectively encourage young girls to have a kid just to get away from home....Whilst it is the modern vogue to knock religion, it seems to me that, since as a nation we have turned away from religion, so our nation has gone down the toilet.....It seems man as a specise needs some religion just to survive and hence, the new religion of climate change.

  4. A lot of topics being covered here. My 2p's worth:

    1) I don't like the "no sex before marriage" rule as I believe that it encourages kids to get married young just so they can sleep together. Then find out they don't like each other and then end up getting divorced. Often after they've had a baby.

    I personally know a couple of people who were religious in their late teens and married for that reason. They'd never co-habited with their new partner until after the wedding and quickly found out that they were completely incompatible.

    2) One other major problem with condoms is the price. You can get them for nothing down at family planning, but depending on where you go you can end up with the ones that feel like you're wearing a welly boot on your willy. Extra safe is good, but they won't encourage kids to use them. Other local authorities give out more expensive, but better ones.

    VAT should be lifted on condoms (as well as feminine hygiene products). These days they're not a luxury - they're a necessity. Knocking 17.5% off the price is a definite start.

    3) Slight aside - a mate of mine was working in Africa just over a year back and the local Catholic church (staffed by westerners as well as local) was *still* persisting with the leaflets and posters proclaiming that "condoms cause AIDS". I kid you not. Utterly, completely disgusting.

    4) Tonk, yup you're right. The current climate doesn't ostracise single mothers the way we did years ago. Whereas it used to be shame and black looks, a burden on your parents who would have to help you raise the bastard offspring... now it's extra cash for ciggies and a nice free flat for your new partner to sell drugs from.

    OK, extreme example but we all know it happens.

  5. microdave3:13 PM

    "lack of contraceptives will not stop a hormone riddled teens from "taking a chance" that they won't get pregnant."

    Don't worry, this has been covered:

  6. glenn4:56 PM

    There's the rather funny side effect for these 'virginity pledges' foisted on youngsters by KKKristianists :

    It's become apparent that - at a push - they might abstain from the standard form of sexual intercourse, but incidents of anal and oral sex are well up. Without the protection of condoms, of course.


  7. Grant9:47 AM

    I'm surprised the sign did not also say "Unless accompanied by an adult."

    Or eating a meal of course. Otherwise they would be under age to be in the pub anyway would they not? Or have the rules bent again.

    Meanwhile, given that this is a story from Brighton, I would have thought that pregnancy was one of the lesser worries.

    Never mind. Soon we will return to the age of simpler ways and take up knitting again as mass manufacture and shipment around the world are banned to save our grandchildren. KNiting needles used to be handy for other things as well as I recall, at least anecdotally.

    They could, for example, start one when used injudiciously to sabotage a condom vending machine (probably by the under 16's who were denied the use) and then stop one when in the skilled hands of a back street abortionist.

    However, consider this.

    If the concept of carbon trading takes off and especially if individual 'carbon allowances' are issued, there are likely to be benefits to having a large family. So I can't really see any action, short of something like Indira Gandhi's enforced sterilization for all convicted crimes, would work.

    As for Glenn's observation - if I were of an evil mind I might wonder if the results of the policy being promoted were exactly as the promoters had hoped - on the basis that habits learned young tend to persist through life.

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Glenn - rant part 1
    the reason God (I am a Christian) says sex is best in marriage is because having sex forms a bond - breakups of relationships where there has been sex hurts people. Also sex outside marriage reduces the specialness of sex (e.g. memories of other partners or comparisons) for a couple. God invented sex & is not a prude - it didn't have to be pleasurable. He blesses sex in marriage. God is merciful. He undersands hormones & frustration (its a sin to regularly withold sex from a spouse though God is not into rape). Look at how Jesus treated the woman caught in adltery.God invented sex & His blessing is on sex in marriage, to bless % protect from harm, not as a prude . If any readers have false guilt re sex in marriage or were condemed in a self-righteous or cruel way re sexual sins in the Name of Christ, that is wrong. The New Testament is the source for Jesus' attitude.
    I'm concerned people are being bombarded with sex so much including by Nanny(telling kids to masturbate will increase kids turning to sex to mitigate pain or for pleasure rather than through a variety of healthy persuits. I also want to balance that with a comment that not all references to sex in culture or even jokes are wrong - every society has them. It will incease sex addiction. Also, kids from broken/unhappy homes throughout society tend to seek love or pain reduction in the form of sex. Healthy touch is being oversexualised and discouraged. Pople need hugs, handshakes & embraces (see oxytacin i.a.) etc which are non-sexual as well as sexual once adult. Adults, even married, sometimes "say no" to get to work on time or in public. Kids need to learn to say "no" but not cruelly. Self-control is a learned skill. "Say No" is sometimes insufficient & cruel. Go for a run, do something else fun, have a cold shower, don't be in a situation where you could give in to temptation & gte the heck out of there if you are about to do something harmful (call someone if you need peer pressure), call a firend, do the hoovering, play, listen to music, have a hug, pray, sleep it off if necessary, try not to induge any fantasies where there is no healthy outlet, wait until marriage, being tempted is not a sin, sex is not evil/any sin can be forgiven by Jesus (guilt and taboo builds desire too) but dall sin harms, so don't just do anything you like - etc etc can help. Just saying "say "no"" can be cruel. It is kind to teach them what to do with their energies, including sexual ones. Some desires for sex may be other desires in disguise - excess energy, desire for affection or comfort in grief or attention or success or friendship or familial love or safety or stability or self-esteem or acceptance or touch or just something to do ie escape from pain or boredom or danger. Kids and adults can learn self-control from saying "no" where appropriate. Also people are marrying unnaturally late after hormones kick in, yet some kids and young adults are immature re responsibility. It must be difficult to be a teenager.

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Glenn - rant part 2
    I think we need to give kids an environment where they can play and learn and grow and work-part-time if they choose (to develop responsibiity and a sense of worth and self-control) - and not overstress them, stressed out kids sometimes have sex out of rebeliion or to relieve stress. Re condoms - some Christians don't realise that some kids and adults face hormone levels and/or pain and temptations they may never have faced, without the help or tools to face the tempatation. Also if kids are going to have sex, then if they catch AIDS ( a risk if either partner has had sex with anyone else), is their life not precious and worth protecting? But it is also true that condoms break or may have holes and don't proect from Aids. Christians also don't want to encourage sex utside marriage. These are not easy issues to deal with. Some kdis get pregnant becuase they feel only a child might love them, or there are no jobs, so a prgnancy is the oly way fro them to have a home or roof over their head or food on the table.
    I hope that solutions and reactions will be realistic, merciful and not nanny-type. Also, no Christian or non_christian bashing, though I agree with the right to free=sppech. And any non-Christian readers - I am not trying to bash any sexual sins, everyone has sinned in some kind of way. Nor do I support any "Victorian" sex is bad attitude - read the Song of Solomon. Nor do I support generic Christian bashing. Nor any cruel or naive attitudes to kids or adults when they face sexual temptation, let alone fall (which anyone can - we all have hormones) which put burdens on others' backs (rather than helping ease them) or hypocrically condemn the fallen (we have all sinned) or say sin is not sin. Sexual sin whould be avoided not out of fear of STDs or pregnancies but because God wants those who marry to have a wonderful gift and fun in marriage and the best chance of a bond to endure the difficulties of life including relationships. It is a gift for spounses. And if they happen to have children, marriage gives stability to children, though again, I am not condemning those who are not married or whose parents are not.