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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nanny's Nasty Little Habit III - The Repeal Party

Following on from my earlier article about people standing "for parliament who are not politicians, who do not belong to a political party and who do not intend to do anything other than repeal laws.

In other words their only action in parliament will be to repeal laws, they will not make any new ones.

I guarantee that the country will run better for this, plus it will show how utterly irrelevant politicians really are

I sent the following to David Cameron (copied to the Independent).

Politicians Have Failed The British People



Whilst my views, on their own, may not count for much; the fact that others agree with me (see the comments) ought to spur you to action, I hope, lest the "Repeal Party" actually takes physical form.

Kind regards

Ken Frost

In the unlikely event I receive a response, I will let you know.

However, in the meantime, in order to show the politicians that we mean business I suggest that you use this thread to specify which laws (exact name and date of passing) you want repealed, and why.

I am sure that we can find 100 without too much trouble.

That will scare the hell out of the current lot of politicians.

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  1. Ken,

    The first laws I would like to see repealed are;

    1) The Lisbon Treaty.
    2) The Carbon Emission targets.
    3) All the complicated Tax laws relating to working tax credits etc.
    4) Fox Hunting....Not because I support it but because it interferes in a British tradition.
    5) The equality laws and the quangos that enforce them.
    6) Any law that hattie Hates men has had anything to do with.
    7) The silly laws surrounding "Child Safeguarding."
    8) The anti terror laws that allow councils to persecute its electorate.

    In fact, just repeal ALL laws that Labour have brought in and start again.

  2. Laws against 'hate speech' [i.e. candid criticism].

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Amend the smoking ban to allow publican the right to chose whether to allow smoking or not.

  4. Speenzman2:31 PM

    A bit more controversially perhaps but in my view a stupid act that should be repealed, or at least substantially rewritten the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008. Particularly section 5.

    Please note I am not directly involved with this organisation but support their aim to drive private-life-intrusive legislation squarely into Room 101 where it belongs.

  5. Lord of Atlantis2:56 PM

    First and foremost the Human Rights Act, at least in it's present form, all legislation surrendering our rights to the EU, such as the Single European Act, and the Maastricht Treaty -- both passed by conservative administrations without consulting the British people, then, anything imposing barmy elf'n'safety rules and political correctness. I fully support the majority of suggestions received so far.

  6. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Some repeals - 1 (not an expert)
    Repeal or amend laws or aspects of legislation which allow too much info to be held about people, the sharing of info with those who don't need to know, & RIPA, ISA (remove hearsay except for high level clearances, don't let it be shared with employers, reduce greatly what checks are needed for). Get rid of contact point. Repeal laws which allow too much info to be sold to businesses or charities or research. Protect privacy. Get rid computerisation of health reocrds, allow summary records, but not in one database. Mistakes happen. Ripa and spyying and POCA type laws - has there been an audit of the spying equipment? Repeal laws allowing anyone but trained specialist police/norder control etc or security services to use such equipment or have access to phone logs and such likes. Repeals laws allowing people to enter people's homes, espeically against their will, unless with a police warrant. Don't allow police or anyone to confiscate people's goods without a warrant. Don't reward people with a percentage of proceeds - it tempts some to corruption. Repeal any other laws which encourage and tempt people to corruption.
    Repeal laws over-regulating (having to give info, get checks etc.)indiviual and genuine community acts of kindness. Repeal parts of the cenus law - maybe have 1 in 10 fill it in, and without identifying info. If people insist on a headcount, remove tons of questions - the current proposals (not voted on yet) are ripe for abuse including sublte abuse. Don't share the info with other countries, in or outside the EU - protect soverignty, society and business.
    Remove red-tape including complicated tax-credits (increase the lowest tax-bad) and laws (not just tax) which reduce the ability of people to work, including the self-employed and those running businesses, run businesses, manage work and free-time without becoming too stressed etc. Help farmers and fishermen - remove laws on quotas and EU rules which are harming and impoverishing them and reducing food security & sovereignty. Remove laws on free speech which does not truly incte hatred. Remove laws which stand in the way of police and authorities and government services doing a good job. Equality laws and quangos and other area (I am female and have suffered discrimination - but hating men and social engineering won't help any discrimination. Let girls be girls and boys be boys). Remove laws threatening freedom of conscience. Remove laws which don't allow the vulnerable a real say in their well-being or life - being controlled or bullied by a bunch of government officials including health or social workers is abuse.

  7. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Some repeals - 2(not an expert)
    Remove laws threatening freedom of conscience. Remove laws which don't allow the vulnerable a real say in their well-being or life - being controlled or bullied by a bunch of government officials including health or social workers is abuse. Give people the right to say "No" to government entering their homes or lives unless they are a genuine threat to themselves or others. Repeal any laws which have attacked the British Constitution (see others for lists of these - I am not a constituional expert). Get the government our of social engineering - give schools, people including parents back the power that has been stolen by government. In loco parentis - any laws which have attacked this. Introduce laws which give fathers access to their children (unless they are violent), repeal all laws which take away from families' rights. If a family has a step-mother or step-father and honours that, honour the family's decision. Also, replea any laws re elections which have increased elction fraud. Say "no" to computerised voting - I don't trust the current setup. make sure armed services can vote. Work with health and safety and insurance and officals - then find a way that is beneficial to the public (and insurance companies) to repeal laws which are strangling British life. Also, repeal laws re secret inquests - it encourages corruption. Repeal also any laws which reduce government transparency or accountability except where there is a genuine high-level security need. Ramp up the EU Red Lines - and protect the City - but I would like to go back to an EC, with a fair CAP and fair contribution. No EU taxes. Rpeal Defra & environmental agency and other laws which are stealth taxes, over-regulation and potential spy-statutes. Rpeal laws allowing councils to unfairly punish and tax people eg though bin laws and the likes. Sorry this was rambling. There has been so much going on.

  8. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Repeal Part III of RIPA, i.e. forcing people to give up encryption keys and then jailing them if they refuse or are unable to.

    Sure, paedos can hide behind encryption, but since when was forgetting a password a criminal offence? As it's possible to have encryption within encryption without it even being visible to experts (see TrueCrypt) then those with something to hide will get around RIPA anyway by giving up a dummy password and hiding the nasty stuff behind the real password.

    Then get rid of speed cameras and employ proper traffic cops instead. Let's get back to innocent until proven guilty, and definitely no self incrimination with punishment for those that refuse.

  9. Anonymous9:33 PM

    All the above.

    Repeal extension of detention law. REINSTATE HABEUS CORPUS.

    Repeal laws that give gvt/police power to hold innocent people's DNA. No DNA to be held in any database unless convicted, then held for life.

    Repeal restriction of right to jury trial.

    Repeal PACE.

    Repeal act which constitutes CPS. Return criminal prosecution to police with the same standards of evidence as before loony, left, liberal hewmonrites CPS.

    Repeal laws that allow police to look and act like thugs.

    Make failure of satisfactory accountability of public services a criminal offence for CEOs. To be adjudicated by juries chose at random from electoral registry (not nanny's cronies).

    Repeal any law which interferes with the ability of and penalises parents to stay at home and look after their own children.

    Repeal laws that allow proliferation of petty judges and their ability to snort coke/hold orgies with impunity.

    Repeal ASBO bollocks 'interventions'. Restore focus on the criminal liability and sanctions already enshrined in statute instead of wally, woolly bleeding heart slaps over wrists with wet lettuces. Subject to scrutiny by neighbourhood/district councils.

    Repeal any law which protects medical and care staff from timely investigation and prosecution.

    Repeal 24/7 alcohol sales and consumption. Reinstate restricted opening hours with sales to over 21yos only.

    Repeal all laws pertaining to police interference with photography in public places.

    Repeal MAPPA which gives wally, woolly bleeding heart protection to criminals at the expense of their victims. Scrap duty of care to the offender. Make all police officers live with a victim of serious crime/crime with enduring effect for at least a month as part of their training.

    Repeal empowerment of armies of control freak jobsworths who e.g. ask 40yos for proof of age when buying wine in Tescos, or who refuse to sell kids Wine Gums....

    Reinstate Sir Robert Peel's maxim as guiding principle of policing: The police are the public, the public are the police. (instead of current untouchable, above the law elite stormtroopers).

    LOADS more obviously.
    Will add as I remember....



  10. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Hey Tonk...NICE list!!

    We should also include 'repeal all laws that allow jobsworths to discriminate overtly or covertly against white working and middle class people of Brythonic heritage' (i.e. Brits whose ancestors were born in what's now the UK...)


  11. Cameron, are you reading this? (Some hopes!)

  12. Anonymous4:11 PM


    Repeal FOIA sections which give duplicitous officials the power to withhold information, and make refusal to disclose a criminal offence. Empower Information Commissioner to order disclosure.

    Repeal laws which give local authorities powers to make citizens fill 6 different rubbish receptacles.

    Just to clarify, repeal RIPA in toto.

    And, crucial for us netizens: protect bloggers from harassment by snooping public agencies. Or, negatively put, repeal laws that enable public servants to spend endless hours reading innocuous blogs and collecting useless data about innocent people.


  13. Well most of the ones I wanted are already listed.

    Please add repeal all laws that supersede or infringe on the Magna Carta. Only then will a loyal subject of the crown will be entitled to be governed and taxed fairly. He will not then be held to be responsible for other people's irresponsible actions either.

  14. Anonymous12:10 AM

    qRepeal (or in some cases amend) licencing and other laws which hrm British traditions and discourage growth in British culture and therefore potential careers and future British trade (some obviously need negotiation with industry) eg banning of pub singing, copyright laws need change - already freedom of speech and writing is being affected. Review libel laws for the same. Protect pubs, churches, community, post offfices and traditions etc.
    Ensure any rights of the British public on paper are enforced. Repeal / amned where common Law has been attacked. Some experts must have lists of laws which have attacked liberty. Ditto re business - especially small since they are so vulnerable but big business probably has a wish list too. Repeal of identity cards/bimetrics etc. and every database / potential database. Please could only "need to know" stuff be held for some data, and in some cases on paper where better for the public, business and therefore for the country? And in some cases please could databases be dropped.
    Hipaa packs and anything which discourages business and mobility.
    Also reviews of everything that has happened since new Labour came to power (and longer if necessary). Could we all put Britain before partisanship?
    Review of rights to size land without public input or accuntability.
    Review of mechanisms re MP expenses so that MPs can work full time and earn enough with accountability, but not be able to easily be corrupt or entrapped into unwise or unethical decisions.
    Review of public employee accountability, pay and ethics in general - some earn too much, some too little. Do some need training in these areas (that is not meant disrespectfully - principles in the Hippocractic Oath and similar works are a good basis for other areas. J.S.Pope on ethics in psychotherapy also has some good principles for other areas including databases and giving data to research and ethical dilemmmas - I am sure some genuinely ethical experts have good lists for other areas including science, public sector and government. Repeal / review training - some of the things being done by some in social science and government and teaching are obviously unethical and have cause harm to children adults and communities. What happened in the training? Could someone review and repeal and retrain as necessary. Ditto financial areas where appropriate.
    Also review Ofsted and quangos.
    Finally repeal and retraing re data and technology including computers - brains are needed to review things - computers and system and technology designers are imperfect. The products don't replace people or God. Pleaes repeal and give permission for the british to think, speak and have a life - family, work, pleasure, religious beliefs (if they sochoose) - it will bless them, communities and the country. Repeal social engineering.

  15. If the Tories had any backbone they'd promise us a Court of Repeal whose job would be removing as many ridiculous laws and restrictions placed on the statute book. Failing that, what about insisting any new law must be accompanies by the repeal of four old ones?

  16. Anonymous2:26 PM

    **** I think we should zap all this lot off to such as Liberty, Power 2010, the Gruaniad campaign whatever it's called and every other org that apparently concerns itself with hewmunrites and democracy...

    (Urrmmm, where exactly have this lot been for the last 12 years...?)


  17. Thrower1:05 PM

    As Anon said above, amend the smoking ban to allow choice for all, not just for those with approved lifestyles.

    Scrap the CRB check system. Other cpuntries don't find it necessary, in fact we are a laughing stock all over Europe for assuming that all adults are paedophiles until proved otherwise.

    Massive scaling back of health & safety legislation, especially surrounding supervised activities for children. They should be allowed to run around as much as possible, get grazes and cuts, play rough and tumble games, etc. Play is how they learn valuable life skills at an early age, and it can only help tackle obesity by letting them run around unfettered.

    Repeal RIPA powers devolved to local councils. Get the armies of clipboard-wielding prodnoses out of our lives.

    That's all for now.