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Monday, December 07, 2009

C*nts of The Year Award - Torbay Council

Congratulations, and champers all round, to the good people of Torbay Council who have really excelled themselves and won my uber desired, and internationally acclaimed, "C*nts of The Year Award".

Well done lads!

How did they manage this rare feet (or is it feat;)?)

Just ask Craig Hodge, a father-of-three, who recently spent five weeks helping pupils at his own children's school cross the road; ie he stood in for the local lollipop man, who was off sick.

Needless to say Mr Hodge made sure that he had the full backing of the teachers and parents first!

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, the knobheads who run Torbay council decreed that he must stop this immediately. In fact, so incensed were the council that Mr Hodge had used his initiative and thought for himself, that they sent the police round to make sure that he was stopped.

What was Mr Hodge's crime?

Ah my loyal readers, surely you can guess that?

Yes, that's right, he is an adult male who has volunteered to work with children.

As we know, in Nanny's Britain all adult males who work with children are deemed to be paedophiles, unless they can prove otherwise.

Now here's the funny thing, Mr Hodge had actually already been vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau (as being "clean"). Yet Torbay council still insist that he cannot stand in as Lollipop man, because he has not been "checked, vetted and trained".

Quite what the issue is escapes me.

However, it seems that the reason that Torbay found out about this is that some other c*nt phoned them up and reported Mr Hodge.

As noted many times before on this site, the Nanny state loves to make use of interfering busybodies, with zero lives, who have far too much time on their hands.

I do hope that the person who reported Mr Hodge "sleeps well" at night; especially if there were to be a child injured by a car, because Mr Hodge was not allowed to be there to escort that child across the road.

Torbay Council don't give a fark for the welfare of the children. Their response was classic bureaucratic, brain dead BS:

"Road safety is of paramount importance, but while we fully support all schools in their efforts to ensure the safety of pupils and to help us recruit relief patrols, we have a duty to follow all the procedures."

Ah yes, "we were only following orders!"

Classic weasel words from a bunch of worthless pygmies.

Torbay Council well deserving "C*nts of The Year".

Where shall I send the award lads???

Here is their email address

Torbay is another one of the Tory Party's useless local councils.

Here is Cameron's email

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  1. What a sad country of jobs worth busy bodies we have become!! I was only following orders was not a defence at Nuremburg and shall not be a defence come the time when Britain comes back to its senses and drops this PC Stalinist agenda.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many of these daft stories feature a council or other public body. It seems the public sector is filled with sad people that, could never hold down a real job in the private sector and, once they're in such a position, they become drunk on the power the position brings. What is really sad is that many of these child safeguarding industry supporters are the very people that are supposed to be educating our children although, to be fair, today education seems to have been replaced with indoctrination.

    We're all doomed.

    Enjoy being a jobsworth whilst you can....It won't be for much longer.

  2. Archroy9:43 AM

    Ever noticed how any sentence which includes the word "paramount" is a load of bollocks?

  3. Torbay council seem to excel at being complete and utter prats. My father lives under their 'jurisdiction' and his description of them is virtually unprintable. This is the mob who were planning to do away with palm trees lest their sharp leaves be an 'elf 'n' safety risk. A while back they got hot under the collar about displaying crucifixes at the crematorium lest they offend other religions and wasn't it Torbay council that was working with the local constabulary to issue flip flops to drunken women ?

    My father regularly swept the gutter outside his property to clear leaves blocking drains that could lead to flooding but a local jobsworth arrived one day and informed him he was not allowed to do this as "he had not had the proper training and under health and safety guidelines...blah blah"

    Oh and their chief executive is apparently one of the highest town hall earners in the country. There's gold in that thar nannyism!

    Maybe a nicely framed certificate is in order. Please send it to:

    Torbay Council
    Town Hall
    Castle Circus
    TQ1 3DS


  4. Annoyed of Tunbridge Wells11:12 AM

    That makes me sad and makes me sick in equal measure. To think that it's a Tory council as well, I expect better of members of the party that will be in government in 6 months.

    Keep up the great work Ken, all this nonsense needs to be highlighted and condemned

  5. skydog11:13 AM

    ''we have a duty to follow all the procedures.''

    Ah yes, the 'rules'

    There have to be rules of course or there'd be anarchy but weren't they made for the guidance of wise men and the strict adherence of fools? Torbay council appears to slot neatly into the latter category, blindly obeying nanny as they do.

  6. Nanny REALLY doesnt like any show of initiative, does she? THis school and father solved a problem without nannys help and that just can not be. To go from Britains Finest Hour to THIS in 60 years...

  7. Their email address must surely be "ffs", and their Town Hall located in Bullshit Circus.

    How very sad. Torquay used to be such a pleasantly relaxing place, and the palm trees were lovely.

    In the 1930s a relative of mine ran a very nice cafe there called "The Green Lizard". She was a widely travelled, down to earth woman and would have seen these gormless arrogant twits off sharpish if they had meddled with her unjustifiably.

    Roll on the Stasi State!

  8. Anonymous5:50 PM

    "Road safety is of paramount importance, but while we fully support all schools in their efforts to ensure the safety of pupils and to help us recruit relief patrols, we have a duty to follow all the procedures."

    Yet their actions show that following procedures is more important than road safety. Methinks that Torbay council need a dictionary to look up the meaning of the word "paramount".

  9. glenn7:29 PM

    What I don't get is WTF they were worried that he might do - grope the kids as they crossed the road? Pick up one of them and run off?

    A lollypop man is pretty conspicuous, there'll be witnesses all over the place, so how would even a supposed nonce in that job get away with anything at all?

    Kaptain Von mentions "proper training" - I hate that. Why would you need "proper training" for brushing leaves, or anything else involving the bleedin' obvious? Years ago, I opened a box of eggs (free range of course!) in Tesco, and gave them a shiggle, just to make sure they were all intact.

    Some jumped-up jobsworth demanded to know if I'd had the "proper training" to check eggs like that, and otherwise I shouldn't do it!

  10. Perhaps we should consider wasting the buggers time, that way they won't have time for silly rules or to descriminate against men.

    If road safety is so important then use road saftey aginst them, the poor blighters wouldn't want to be responsible for an injury would they?

    Why not report all dangerous features in the road in your area such as potholes, slippery repairs to the road and bad manholes etc. You could even have an accident there and complain that your a bit sore but you are worried about other cyclists for example.

    Below is a link to a site that helps you report these defects.

    If they don't fix it quickly you can start all sorts of letter writing. I know email and computers make it quicker but a nice scrawl or script which isn't taught anymore will make it all the more difficult for the poor dears.

  11. microdave10:00 PM

    "Why not report all dangerous features in the road in your area"

    Doesn't work round here, I've done that, and even had on-site meetings with them. Now they just ignore my requests. I'm probably marked down as a "whinger" on a file somewhere. Perhaps it's time for a FOI request....

  12. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Mr Hodge hadn't been "checked, vetted and trained". Is there a difference between checked and vetted and what kind of training can you give to a lollipop man (in Nanny's world probably a degree).

    I'm surprised the LA hasn't ordered the children to stay at home in the absence of a lollip man because it's too dangerous for the children to cross the road with only their parents (who haven't had the state-approved training).

    This country is fast going down the plughole.


  13. microdave1:58 PM

    More lunacy:

    "Now parents face criminal checks just to enter their children's school"

  14. Lord of Atlantis3:05 PM

    Annoyed of Tunbridge Wells said...
    "That makes me sad and makes me sick in equal measure. To think that it's a Tory council as well, I expect better of members of the party that will be in government in 6 months.
    Keep up the great work Ken, all this nonsense needs to be highlighted and condemned."

    I am not at all sure that they will be in power after the next election. According to an opinion poll today, the conservative lead over labour is now only 8 points. I would suggest it's crap like this from tory controlled local authorities, and the way Cameron (like Brown and Blair) welched on his promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, plus the manner some MPs have been ripping us off with questionable expenses claims, that has caused this.

  15. Anom

    "uninsured, no lollipop, someone run him over? against the law, who gets the blame then? You really are an uninformed twat."

    It's better for the uninsured children to be run over then, is it?

    If he is run over then it is either his fault or the driver's fault.