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Monday, December 14, 2009

Those Whom The Gods Wish To Destroy

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

Regrettably, as a nation, it appears that Nanny has finally driven us insane.

It seems that an officer from the West Midlands counter terrorism unit has sent an email to community groups covering the fears that Nanny has wrt the brainwashing of children (as young as 4) by extreme Muslims:

"I do hope that you will tell me about persons, of whatever age, you think may have been radicalised or be vulnerable to radicalisation ... Evidence suggests that radicalisation can take place from the age of 4."

How the fark does one know if a 4 year old has been "radicalised"?

The unit has also sent counter-terrorist officers, specially trained in identifying children and young people vulnerable to radicalisation, to nursery schools.

I'm sorry, did I really just write that?

What the fark is going on in this country?

Have we truly gone collectively insane?

This policy will further alienate Muslims from the mainstream community, and will most certainly bring about fear and loathing in local communities with a large Muslim population.

The hapless officer who sent the mail, dug himself further into a hole by adding:

"I am a police officer and therefore it will always be part of my role to gather intelligence and I will report back any information or intelligence which may suggest someone is a terrorist, or is planning to be one or to support others.

However, my role is to raise the level of awareness of the threat of terrorism and radicalisation and support and work with partners to try to prevent it

I wasn't aware it was the role of the police to act as spies?

I thought that spies were meant to act as spies?

What the hell has been going on at police training schools?

It seems to me that the "radicalisation police" ought to be looking into the training camps of our own police, to found out what BS is being pumped into their brains.

We have truly gone mad!

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  1. glenn2:06 AM

    A book I read years ago, "On the record" by Duncan Campbell, introduced itself with an excerpt from a police training manual. It went along the lines that a police officer should acquire as much information on as many individuals as possible, and that an officer's contributions would be judged on the amount of information they provided to the system.

    The book described the planned link-up of all elements of state information, with the intent of having a unified database to pick out negative tendencies and predict undesirables at an early age, and marginalise them out of any influence in society.

    Your line "I wasn't aware it was the role of the police to act as spies?" must be reality catching up - that book was written over 20 years ago.

  2. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Re: the video clip - how about showing that as this year's Christmas movie instead of the Great Escape?

  3. Harry Lime8:55 AM

    Methinks this poor sad officer-of-the-law wrote this whilst under the influence of one too many at the local opposite Sunhill. Hic!

    P.S. I bet he owns a pair of X-Ray specs, a Dick Tracey watch, practises baton-draws over his pie-gut in front of the mirror in his bed-sit and thinks Walter Mitty was a pretty cool dude.

  4. Tonk.9:12 AM

    It strikes me we should be more worried about the indoctination and brainwashing Nanny is performing on our children under the guise of our education system.

    Enjoy policing responsibly AND with consent!!!

  5. Speenzman9:14 AM

    If it's radicalisation you want look no further than the education system that has bred this and similar morons...

  6. Speenzman9:14 AM

    Snap Tonk!

  7. Speenzman:
    They say great minds think alike but, I don't know what our excuse is;-)

    Enjoy thinking alike responsibly.

  8. Anonymous11:20 AM

    The next obvious step from this is that if either parent is suspected of being a terrorist (i.e. they look vaguely middle eastern), then any children they have will automatically be put on the radar as potential suicide bombers of the future.

    Oddly enough, this madness all started with speed cameras, IMHO. Once people become guilty until proven innocent and are required to self-incriminate, then it was the start of the slippery slope to the police state we see evolving today. It was the line that was crossed that first turned us all from mere subjects of HM QE II, to criminals at a stroke of a pen.

  9. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I don't think his approach was right or well thought out, but when we talk about 'radicalisation', we are really talking about brainwashing to a particular ideology.

    When you look at it that way, the age doesn't seem ridiculous.

    Hitler Youth took them in as young as that and the Palestinians aren't adverse to strapping fake explosives on a toddler for family photos.....


  10. microdave2:37 PM

    We've long joked in our household about "Police Speak" - i.e. the truly bizarre way that they (and most other "services") talk when being interviewed. I have to assume it's part of their training, as no one would come out with crap like that otherwise.

    Do they have a hidden master switch which can be operated when off duty?

    "Evidence suggests that radicalisation can take place from the age of 4."

    In which case we should be told the source of said evidence, and who "Peer Reviewed" it. The UEA CRU,perhaps??

  11. Those who comment here should be careful not to agree on any point as it would be construed as conspiracy in 'Policethink'

  12. Christian and Jewish brainwashing of 4 year olds is of course OK?

  13. Anticant;

    To the best of my knowledge, neither Christians nor Jews advocate blowing up non believers...When does education become brainwashing?....Education, in general terms, gives the receiver of the said education an insight into the cultural norms of that society and as that person matures, they are then able to form their own opinions....That is the idea of education.
    I personally am a practicing Catholic and brought my daughter up as one too, but she has since left the faith, her choice, but she was given the education to come to her own opinions and make her own choices....As far as I'm aware, during her education at a good Catholic school, she was never told to kill non Catholics nor try to ruin the economies of any non Catholic country.

    It is true to say that not all Muslims are terrorists but, it does seem that most terrorists are Muslims at this moment in time.

    My own view is that religion and the state should be separate however, sometimes government policy encroaches into religious persecution, even today.

  14. Anticant;

    Sorry I forgot to mention....Although my daughter has left the faith, she has sent her three children to a faith school because she likes the moral teachings the school teaches....Ie. Good manners, discipline, a sense of right and wrong etc etc.......It seems to me that, since our nation has turned away from the Christian faith, so our society has gone down hill......Coincidence?

  15. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I think - from what is gleaned in the news - this is ill-informed , even where well-meaning in how it is carried out in its entitrity and in its context, though some screening of some kind somewhere has too happen. Surely (though I am not an expert) people need to be able to express genuine grievances in a healthy manner without being suspect, though revenge (hot or cold, spoken or subtle, including by clean but bad apple officials) whould not be tolerated or encouraged. Surely there needs to be an atmospehere (I am not an expoert) where if anything bad is in the works pople can report and be protected and confident that someone inncoent mistakingly or otherwise reported will be vindicated and their life not ruined, or if guilty, they will not be mistreated. And there needs to be grace for mistakes by security or suspects, but no tolerance of corruption or slander or the the grievously injust, and grace for the young - people make mistakes. I imagine that it is not easy for those trying to secure the country - but that is no excuse for some of what has been going on. We need a free society. Any screening should get advice and training from people familiar with cultures involved, less things be misinterpreted. I wouldn't trust those who are gleefully profiteering from security (there is nothing wrong with defence business - just the bad apples who are heartless and ruthless). Those who have come out of terrorism should not be the sole input either. Some of them may have swapped one wrong response to grievances(genuine or otherwise) for another where they have not matured , and may see a potential terrorist under every bed. Most Muslims are not terrorists. There are terrorists of all strips and hues. A prevention system is needed which doesn't stifle life or ruin the lives of innocents. Those who are naive about how criminals of all types abuse abusive systems or those who advocate the unethical or who don't care who gets hurt should face the reality that it may be themselves one day or their families that get hurt by the systems they endorse, though I understand how in zeal people may believe they are untoucable or have nothing to fear if they have nothing to hide, or if the powerful have always protected them. They might consider that those who abuse power officially or unofficially are ruthless and turn on friends and enemies alike. Ultimately a healthy system cannot guarantee 100% safety or lack of crime. Bad systems will cause a lot of injustice, despair and anger and not be good for society, or the economy or defence for those (including a few bad apples) who don't see the connection between how people are treated and the country's well-being. Ultimately God (I am a Christian) protects but doesn't always - He is not a conrol freak. I hope the country thinks and doesn't do what is wrong in the name of security (or for those claim Christianity, wheter they are naive or fake Christians in the Name of Jesus) or omit what is right. I am praying for the country and those in security too - they must have a tough life. Also for newspapers - anything to do with terrorism or countries or disputes inclved are often highly politicised and it is hard to know the whole truth,both re cuases, incidents, reactions, and perpetrators and innocents. Also for those falsely stigmatised or discriminated against as "potential terrorists" as well as dissidents, also for those mistreated whether guilty or innocent or trying to do the right thing in policing or authority of any kind, and the communities including those suspected. The country faces a crossroads - I hope that common-sense prevails and that the country is blessed.

  16. Anonymous12:47 PM

    @anonymous "the country faces a crossroads - I hope that common-sense prevails and that the country is blessed."

    The problem as I see it is this: we've now had several generations raised under misguided and freedom-sapping government policies and I fear we've now reached the stage where the current generation will accept what is happening as normal.

    "Common Sense" for these generations is something languishing in history books that they won't read: either because they can't, or because the subject is alien to them. I don't know what we can do to recover the situation: I fear that an election will simply change the colour of the flag from red to blue and the policies will be the same, only worded differently..

  17. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I agree but I have hope. As a Christian I can pray and speak up (most of the church hasn't seen abuse of power and have missed the boat, making it harder for those who wish to protect without causing blowback or unintended consequences like Nanny-type activities - so please don't blame Jesus for the failings of the churches). If you aren't Christian and don't know, not all those who say they are Christtans know Jesus. bad has been done in His Name by the fakes as well as the naive - though any fakes can repent and become real Christians if they so choose.
    Others (non-Christians or not) can all do their bit. It is not too late. Though some of the few bad apples around can be ruthless in response. But God is watching -the ruthless should not be arrogant and think that God won't pounce on them sometimes to protect those doing the right thing, whether Christian or not. Though we could all do with more wisdom as to what to pray (for those who pray) and what to do or not (for all). If there is a price to pay for doing the right thing, it is always better than the alternative ie a bad conscience or cowardice and an increasingly terrible socity for all and less security, though I wouldn't condemn any who are fearful.

  18. "It seems to me that the "radicalisation police" ought to be looking into the training camps of our own police, to found out what BS is being pumped into their brains."

    I wish someone would.

    Over the years its become impossible not to notice a certain 'attitude' displayed by the vast majority of those wearing a police uniform. I'm sure they're drilled hard at Cop Academy to project authority but is it really necessary to do this with every member of the public and in all situations? Each time they do this, they set themselves apart from the public.

    It was once the case that the traffic cops were the bastards; now its infected the lot of them.

    As for Ken's original point... from my perspective, this Government has done more to radicalise so many groups of (probably otherwise law abiding) people in this country than any cave dwelling terrorist/Bond villain could ever hoped to have achieved.