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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Right Balls Up

Balls Up
I see that headteachers have stirred from their slumbers and finally realised that Nanny's rules wrt adult/child interactions (eg CRB checks etc) are seriously stupid, and are damaging the relationship between adults and children.

Teachers' leaders (from both the state and private sector!) representing almost 45,000 schools have written to Balls, the children's secretary (why do children need a secretary?), saying that the new rules will stop language exchange programmes, deter parent-helpers and are absurdly bureaucratic and time wasting.

Balls, being a politician (ie weak, feeble and lacking principles), has said that the review (set up by Nanny out of fear of the public reaction to these rules) will doubtless cover these issues raised.

In other words, he will hide behind whatever conclusion that he has told the review to come up with.

The sad fact is that the people in parliament don't give a fark about what we think, so long as their bell towers are repaired at our expense they are happy.

BTW, slightly off topic, I refer you to yesterday's article on Loans and Finance (re Darling's neat window dressing trying to hide a 1% increase in NI - the con trick of a tax foisted on the British people 60 years ago).

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  1. Wrt politicians in general, it never ceases to amaze me how they get promoted to positions of real power and yet, here in the real world, most would not be trusted to do a paper round.

    This post does not contain flash photography, nor mild peril, nor strong language, nor scenes of an adult or sensitive nature....Enjoy posting responsibly. etc etc.

  2. microdave2:06 PM

    "why do children need a secretary?"

    Isn't that obvious? After years of Liebor meddling, most of them are incapable of reeding, riting or rithmatic....

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Have those scissors been checked and passed by Elf n Safety?

    Speaking for myself though, they look far too blunt and clean, not enough MRSA, C Dif, galloping lurgy upon them as far as I can see...