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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sefton Council Loves To Watch

SeftonBeware motoring in Sefton.

For why?

Well it seems that the council there is considering enforcing Nanny's "statutory idling offence" (introduced by stealth by ZaNuLabour in 2002).

What's that then?

Well my loyal readers, those of you who leave your car engine idling on a cold and frosty morning to warm up and clear your windscreen will face fines of up to £40 for pollution.

Far better you drive with impaired vision, and crash the car!

Ironically, according to some informed observers, the worst offenders for "idling" are in fact police cars and other police vehicles. Will the council be fining them then?

The fact that the owner of the vehicle has paid for his fuel, and therefore has the right to do with it whatever he so chooses seems to have escaped the good people of Sefton council.

I assume another branch of council snoops will be created to enforce this absurd rule?

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  1. microdave10:11 AM

    Not being wealthy (or foolish) enough to afford a hybrid, or car with an automatic engine stop/start system, can anyone enlighten me as to how the heaters are powered?

    Surely you aren't expected to freeze to death in your nice new car when sitting in traffic jams?

    Or am I correct in assuming that they have an auxiliary petrol/diesel powered heater?

    I don't suppose that operates without producing CO2....

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Some have auxiliary heating/cooling systems than can be powered from the battery, others keep the engine running if it is sufficiently cold or hot enough that stopping the engine will result in interior discomfort.

    So, on short runs they end up running most of the time anyway, and on longer runs they won't be much different to a regular car...

  3. What about taxi drivers?...They're out all night, often sat on ranks....If they can't leave an engine running, how long will it be before a taxi driver is found dead in his cab through the cold?.....Nanny really doesn't think things through does she?...It is all done in the name of the two new false religions; The new religion of climate change and the new religion of greed.

    Btw, I wonder if Sky have been paid by Nanny to promote the new religion....Everyday for the last week or so, Sky have pumped out constant pro climate change propaganda and are now even running an ad to say they will match any donations made to a green charity....I am going to cancel my subsription today as I don't want to fund such things nor have such propaganda rammed down my throat. The propaganda arm of Nanny(BBC) are also running a constant stream of pro climate change features....Sadly, I am forced to fund this rubbish through my TV tax.....There is no debate allowed and the second anyone questions the new religion, so they are called names in true Stalinist style.
    It seems the main supporters of the new religion are off the left....Perhaps they see this new religion as a way of getting more control over the people which is any Stalinists aim...Same with the left and the EUSSR.

    Enkoy increasing your carbon footprint irresponsibly.

  4. John B Stryge11:35 AM

    Tonk, surely greed must be the oldest religion on the meerkat?

  5. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Tonk, have you seen that 'Man on Earth' programme with the wee Tony Robinson on Beeb 4. For someone who's a Labour apparatchik, he does seem to be doing a good job of demolishing the Global Warming story, by pointing out massive changes in global temperature, oner a few decades, in pre-historic times.

    At one point huge amounts of arctic ice melted and sea-level rose two meters in 30 years, creating the Black Sea, and not a 4x4 in sight, even for the Flintstones!

  6. Archroy11:36 AM

    That wasn't meant to be anonympus, it was me!

  7. Archroy

    Yes, the undisputable fact is, that never in the planet's history, has the climate been fixed. I would rather spend some of the billions that Nanny intends to spend on fighting nature, on adapting to any changes that come along....Being able to adapt to situations, is what has enabled mankind to survive and dominate the planet.

    John B. Stryge

    Yes you have a point, greed is perhaps the oldest religion.

  8. JohnW2:51 PM

    I would have thought that a casual stroll around any council offices would yield an "idling factor" among its employees of almost 100%. Why don't they concentrate their snooping efforts there? Can we long-suffering taxpayers expect a tax rebate for public employees dossing on the job?

  9. Item 8 in Shefton Council's agenda 9, Reads: "Local Authorities are given power to authorise ‘any officer of the authority, or any
    other person, in any area of that Authority’ to enforce the Regulations" that is Any Officer or Any Other Person. This is classic Stasi stuff.
    Item 10 includes "the emphasis will be on encouragement and
    education to achieve the desired compliant behaviour". The emphasis on education and compliant behaviour! This is really is contemptious and offensive stuff, where are these people educated and where does the attitude come from? They missed the point that THEY are public servants.

  10. JohnW3:25 AM


    Yes, I love that word "compliant". I see that every day in my job as a surveyor - it's almost as if we're being constantly surveilled to ensure that we're following their diktats and that our behaviour is within Nanny's required specification.

    This is indeed real Communist Stasi stuff. I once worked in Romania and never saw anything like this even there.

    To continue the analogy - I wonder how many idling council employees would comply with my specification of what an efficient public servant should be. Not so many, I reckon.

  11. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells9:36 AM

    John W said:

    "I would have thought that a casual stroll around any council offices would yield an "idling factor" among its employees of almost 100%. Why don't they concentrate their snooping efforts there? Can we long-suffering taxpayers expect a tax rebate for public employees dossing on the job?"

    No, not all Sefton Council employees. Here are two whose diligence and devotion to their job was well past the call of duty.

  12. Grant4:33 PM


    BSkyB is, as I recall, run by Murdoch junior, one way or another and the Murdoch dynasty, in particular Junior, are well into the carbon control freakery thing.

    They see money in it in the longer term.