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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Spies Are Us - Nanny's Community Health Services

Lincolnshire Community Health Service
Nanny knows that all adults pose a major threat to her precious future resource, children.

Nanny knows that adults (who do not follow her orthodoxy) may well give children the ability to think and act for themselves, without any form of state help. This of course would mean that they would grow up into free willed, mature adults who don't need or support Nanny.

This must not happen.

Therefore, in order to ensure that children and families are fully subservient to the state, Nanny has ordered her local Community Health Services to start gathering data about the families, and habits of the families, of five year olds.

Nanny's Community Health Gestapo will issue a questionnaire ("School Entry Wellbeing Review") to all families living in Lincolnshire (as a pilot exercise). Families will be required to supply over 100 different data points about their own and their kids' health.

The review asks some rather bizarre, non health related questions, eg whether their child "often lies or cheats", whether they steal or bully, and how often they eat red meat, takeaway meals or fizzy drinks.

Parents are also required to provide details about their health and their partner's health, whether they or their partner are in paid employment, and to say whether or not their child is upset when the parent returns to a room.

At this point may I raise a "timid paw into the air" and ask Nanny:

What the fark business is this of yours?

There is a further layer of icing on Nanny's little cake of intrusion. The Lincolnshire Community Health Gestapo would have you believe that completion of the questionnaire is voluntary. However, the letter accompanying the questionnaire contains the phrase:

"Please complete the enclosed questionnaire …and return it to school in the envelope provided within the next 7 days."

There is absolutely no indication that the questionnaire is voluntary. Nanny is relying on people being compliant and subservient.

By the way, it doesn't stop there, if you don't fill in the questionnaire you will receive a reminder letter, then a third letter then a visit from School Nursing team.

This is state sponsored intimidation.

Under no circumstances should this form be completed by anyone.

Nanny must not be allowed to win this one, under any circumstances.

This stinks!

Tell them what you thin of this via this eamil

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  1. This is truly sinister.

    A few days ago local Nanny sent me a questionaire about how I heat my house and what improvements I have made within the last twelve months, they also wanted to know what lightbulbs I used etc etc....The form, although not a legal requirement to complete, was worded in such a way to make you think it was a legal requirement to complete it.....I put mine straight in the recycling box.

    Yesterday, Nanny had another go, she sent everyone a first class letter advising about the rubbish collection service(sic) over the festive period, along with another pile of full colour glossy rubbish talking about how well they're spending our money.....They then went on, some what slyly, to ask people to tick boxes to choose what information they wanted in the future so that they could target such information to those that really wanted it....They then asked for contact details; home, work and mobile phone numbers and Email addresses etc "In order to build a contact database." I suspect this is a sneaky way to get "contact" details so they can use them to help them enforce ripp off tax collection....My local Nanny has one of the highest rates of council tax collection in the whole of the UK...They don't mess about; One month late and its off to court, no ifs no buts, to coin a phrase!!

    I see that Zanu Labour have also set up another "Grass Line" for neighbours to inform on their neighbours if they're sub-letting and other behaviours not approved off by Nanny. She then rewards the grasses with a five hundred pound bung....Isn't that what Saddam and Hitler did?....Nanny then wonders why communities are drifting apart....Stupid cow!!

    I bet this Stalinist government think their birthdays have all come at once with the way the yes sheep drones have just sat there and let the state intrude and control them....Stalin would be proud!!

    Enjoy Grassing responsibly.

  2. Morning all.
    This is totally off topic but I heard an excellent qoute on The Simpsons last night that I had to share with you all.
    Marge has complained to the police and then been arrested for acting herself:
    Marge: "I thought you said the police were powerless?"
    Chief Wiggum: "Powerless to help you, not to punish you"

    Says it all doesnt it.

    Back on topic, you are quite right Ken. People should return these questionairs unanswered with a note to the affect that it is none of their bloody business. Reminders should be ignored and any visitors should be totally derided on the doorstep.
    No one should fill in these totally intrusive forms.
    (I wonder how many do without any complaint though? 90%? More?)

  3. You should also check out the year 8 "lifestyle behaviour" form - there's enough info gathering on there to guarantee a knock on the door in the night. Laughable also that "All personal information is anonymous", despite the fact that the victim's postcode is requested. They also have to ask the victim to tick "Male (boy) or Female (girl)" - have standards sunk so low already? The last question - "Who would you go to for help and support?" - is true testament to nanny's intrusion: the last choice of all is "Family Member". Oh dear.

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    You're right, Ken. No-one is going to put a stop to all of this but ourselves.

    I often wonder when the population will start to disobey. My theory is after the GE when they realise that nothing's going to change.


  5. skydog3:24 PM

    Tonk:'I put mine straight in the recycling box.'


  6. how about replying "just give my child a school place near my home and stop wasting my money"

    Its not going to change the way they teach them, that will still be substandard and far too much "teaching to test" rather than real information and skills.

    nosy bloody parkers.

    Its not going to be long before we are required to be sterilized until we comply with Nannys child rearing standards and are given food cards that restrict what we are able to buy in the supermarket etc.

    The thing is that a lot of this is so insidious that a good percentage of the population will fill it out not realising it is paving the way for a loss of free will.

  7. Shameless buggers aren't they.

    It's best to ignore this sort of marketing practice.

    If you are totally fed up, reply with a letter informing them that all further marketing circulars will invoke a charge of £10 for disposal.

  8. Anonymous8:24 AM

    part 2 - its been a bad day..
    Some people can't afford Nanny-type food - but feed their kids adequately and ingeniously on their budgets (time, energy & money-wise). How cruel of Nanny-types to punish people for being different to their ideal. It is also abusive and psychologically unhealthy for Nanny-types & their victims. Those unnecessarily harried and oppressed by Nanny become angry, rebel or despairing (these are imperfect but "within the bounds of normal" responses to abnormal bad behaviour, especially that which people cannot escape). Children & parents whose parents cannot afford or arrange a life for their kids which is Nanny-approved (even if they are doing marvellously in the circumstances or are perfectly "good-enough" parents) will feel unnecessary shame & internalise it and i.a. act-up, not blossom or become Nanny-like or passive. Why is nanny telling us to agree to dysfunctional schemes, and punishing those who find them unhealthy? Toxic shame (vs. the healthy shame we occasionally feel which leads to change) is a core part of dyfunctional family systems. Those Nanny-types who agree with such educational forms might consider doing a 12-step course or getting treatment for their dysfunctionality or just changing or better still not harming others (Not everyone needs a 12-step program to be(come) basically un-dysfunctional or to benefit from one - nanny-types might also lookd at what absive-types do to others per the trauma model if they wish to change for the better. Absuive Nanny-types harm society by unnecessarily creating victims & silent by-standers. Nanny-types don't have to be in positions of influence in social, health or education or any "official" positions with influence & power ie the capacity to harm or wreck others' lives. Who keeps them in their jobs when they are obviously not fit for purpose? Who bases services on such obviously dysfunction-based systems, & in the name of "doing good" or "preventing harm" - is that not deceiving & confiusing kids & parents? Many parents will not realise why they are being asked apparently innocuous questions. That is manipulative and denying healthy informed consent & abusive and corrosive to family cohesion & society. That some Nanny-types don't realise their behaviour is unhealthy is troubling (are they unfeeling & harsh/naive/arrogant / criminal or abusive?). Where some do, why are they doing it - to wreck society so they can impose total control?Where is their heart for children parents - for people?
    Handle forms from government business & any source responsibly

  9. Anonymous8:25 AM

    part 1 - its been a bad day..
    Nanny-types either don't think they were ever naughty as kids or think their own kids never are. Maybe their kids are so scared of Nanny that they hide their foibles let alone known-wrongs from Nanny, as Nannies themselves do, maybe because a few are narcissistic or psychopathic. (Thank heaven for real Nannies out there - their profession has been tarnished by these officious Nanny-types in & outside of education).
    Kids don't know all right from all wrong, they also copy & test boundaries & they change. Parents are imperfect but most are "good-enough" (a pshychological term Nanny is abusing) especially in light of their circumstances. Maybe government might concentrate on some of the circumstances that parents and children face as traditional governments did - crime, ability to earn a living etc. Hungry kids can't concentrate nor those who are anxious or whose sleep is harmed in crime-ridden areas (nor their parents). Parents & kids harried by officials unnecessaily, or parents not allowed to nurture & occasionally discipline kids appropriately don't do well - not because they are bad at parenting or being kids, but becuase government interference is harming their capacity to do the right thing and to thrive. Sometimes info and help is needed. But never abuse by the state. Nanny cannot solve all problems - Nanny might also work on her perfectionism. No human is perfect. Demanding perfection creates nervous wrecks.
    These forms are abusive. Labelling kids and permanently tracking them will lead to kids becoming neurotic +/or criminal - if they get the feeling that they will carry a label(including fasle labels) for years or life or be overly criticised including being misunderstood no matter what they do, or over-monitered (taking the fun & any fairness or mercy out of much of life),focusing on what Nanny & others think - rather on just being themselves, their lives will be harmed and sometimes wrecked. Nanny has forgotten that children learn & need to be told & retold about a few things, but not about everything. That is over-bearing. Also, it is healthy to focus on the behaviour when occasionally telling off a kid, not to overly label (or adults) - that is standard dyfunctional behaviour. None of us are pefect but Nanny is going too far.
    Ditto parents & society. Also, once someone has labelled a kid as "something", the next reader of the "notes" won't be independent in relating to the child but influenced by the "notes". It's unhealthy & abnormal & abusive to track a child(or adult) like a widget in a production process.
    There are also issues of informed consent. Nanny appears ro be looking for certain imperfect parental-child relationships & child development or "pre-criminality" in a way which is impossible: Nanny can't be impartially omniscient or all-wise. God made thoughts private on purpose. Even parents shouldn't know or control everything about their children. Imperfections are a continuum. Most shouldn't be tracked or interfered with & absusive over-monitering, bossing & interference in the lives of parents & their children distorts people's personalities & increases vulnerability & bad behaviour as well as creating unnecessary brokenness & criminal behaviour. It also kills the freedom to be imperfectly conformed or not as people choose ie for kids & parents to be themselves (with healthy boundaries & healthy definitions of forbidden no's & criminality), as well as the British tradition of eccentricity where people so choose..

  10. von Spreuth.9:03 AM

    Tell them what you thin of this via this eamil

    Sent. And here is a copy;

    Re school questionaire.

    Go screw yourself up the arse sideways with a prickly pear pland wrapped in razor wire you cunts.

    Hope that helps.

  11. Will they know what a prickly pear pland is?

  12. von Spreuth.2:54 PM

    Little Black Sambo said...

    Will they know what a prickly pear pland is?

    Aye. I noticed that too late as well. Na they ARE teachers..... aren't they? Sometimes I wonder.

  13. St Bruno5:45 PM

    Of course Nanny is gay or pro-gay didn’t you know that?
    There is lots of single sex married partnership persons who just deserve to have children because they are far better qualified in every way.
    Straight persons of separate gender should not be allowed to keep children unless they can prove without doubt that they are worthy and have been checked by a panel of the righteous spiteful.
    So there!

  14. This week I received a survey form from better together sought answers to questions about my experience of GP services in my area.

    Names were chosen at random from the NHS database, apparently.

    Not sooooooo bad, so far.

    However, at the end was a serious of questions about my ethnicity, sexual proclivities, religion and - absolutely beautiful - about aspects of my state of health.

    It's worse and worse Ken.
    We must fight it some way.

    Question to the readers here :

    'If I, by mistake, fill out this form to say that I am an Ethiopian Bombay Mountain Baptist with disadvantaged sight and hearing who is also gay/bisexual/lesbian depending on the day of the week will I get lifted for taking the piss out of their form?'

    PS I am male.

  15. Sorry guys, that should have read Better Together.

  16. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Jeez, and you know the savage irony about all this zealous form-filling?

    They take all this information, make mountainous databases and when you need the treatment/support/well-being co-ordination (I kid you not) duly reported by you, there are NEVER the resources to treat/support/co-ordinate your well-being.

    I suspect a) they're trying to so something, anything with the £multi-billion computer network they bodged together and which doesn't work;

    and b) they have all these staff with half-baked NVQs in 'safe lifting techniques' (uh huh) and 'co-ordinating well-being' and 'patient safety' (hahahaha), they have to give them something, anything to occupy them.

    Otherwise all these half-bakers just sit around all day forwarding jokey round-robin emails about fluffy bunnies to each other.

    Apropos of which, I seem to be getting copied in to some of these. God alone knows how (but then, the reach of the NHS is a l m i g h t y).

    Some of them are pathetically amusing and very apt - e.g. bons mots along the lines of 'Enjoy today - life is short!'

    Fark. This is rich coming from the NHS.

    Anyways, Ken, what about a website, or a corner thereof, to display some of these missives? After all WE PAY FOR ALL THIS STAFF AMUSEMENT. Let's share the mirth!!