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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fat Is Good!

Fry Up

The wheel of life has turned full circle.

The advice once dispensed by Granny, that a hearty breakfast is the best possible start to the day (routinely pooh poohed by Nanny), now appears to be very much back in vogue.

The Telegraph reports that scientists now claim that a breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs, and beans could be the healthiest start to the day.

Next week scientists will prove conclusively that smoking cures cancer.

Let's all get our frying pans out and cook up something really special, and wash it down with a couple of breakfast pints!

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  1. Everything in moderation and you won't go far wrong.....


    I will be pleased when that bloody Camel advert falls off the bottom of the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!It's driving me crazy; Bibble bibble squeak squeak.

  2. I wish I had time for a full breakfast in a morning. I usually and up with some buttered wheatabix at my desk.

  3. I enjoy my three C`s for breakfast.




  4. Ken. A word of explanation re Tonk's comment (if you didn't already know). You may have innadvertantly activated the 'Camel' ad to start playing whenever anyone opens 'Nany Knows Best'.

  5. Ken,

    When it comes to diet and nutrition, I've concluded that the wisdom of my grandparent's generation eclipsed our own. They were not overweight. They an abundance of fresh frusits and vegetables, slong with lots of nice red meat, and their meals were topped off every evening by a dessert. When my grandfather was in his 60s, he was put on a diet by his physican to help him GAIN weight. They ate whatever they wanted, but what they wanted was pretty healthy, it seems.