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Monday, April 12, 2010

Nanny Bans Obesity

Billy BunterGood news everybody, Nanny has banned obesity!

Well OK, she hasn't banned the condition itself. She is thinking of banning the word "obesity".

Nanny's chums from Liverpool council have been told by children at the Liverpool Schools' Parliament that the word "obesity" is offensive.

Fair enough, so what do you call someone who is overweight then?

"Unhealthy weight"

Oh yes, that sends the right message doesn't it?

Jeff Dunn, co-ordinator of the schools' parliament told the Liverpool Echo:

"The idea is that obesity has a negative connotation behind it. They felt unhealthy weight is more positive and a better way to promote it. The term 'obese' would turn people off, particularly young people."

So the logic is that because obesity sounds "not very good", then we must have a "nice" way to tell people they are fat.

Needless to say by hiding the reality in a sugar coated form the council will in effect be avoiding the issue, and not helping the children face reality.

However, in Nanny's world reality is whatever she wants it to be.

By the way, "obese" is a technical term used to describe someone who is more than just "overweight". The new classification will simply lump all "overweight" people together.

Despite this Liverpool Council are going to seriously consider banning the word!

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  1. Liverpool does seem in many ways to be the PC madhouse of our nation....It has been for many years in my opinion.

  2. Unhealthy Weight? Would that not also include those extra skinny types with annorexia or similar eating disorders?
    It would, presumably, refer to anyone whose weight is not within an accepted healthy norm.

    What the fuck do kids know anyway!

  3. microdave12:00 PM

    "the Liverpool Schools' Parliament" - WTF!!!
    How many parliaments do we need???

    W/V "maden"

  4. Microdave;

    I believe it is all part of Nanny's plan to treat kids like adults and adults like kids.

  5. 'Little Fat Fuckers' has a nice ring to it.

    So what if salad dodging kids are made to feel bad about themselves. Isn't that the whole point?

    In America these twelve bellied pie gobblers are constant told that they should feel worthwhile and good about themselves, with the result that they have the most obese nation on Earth.

  6. I'm thinking of banning "sadness," "misery" and "depression" from my vocabulary so as never to be unhappy again.

    Oops, I guess I'll have to ban "unhappy" as well.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. @Gary .. Hey, y'know, "Salad Dodgers" sounds a good alternative!

  9. i like ur banned word bout obesity, but don't afraid bout it, i had many tips if u get fat, visit me on my blog at

  10. Archroy7:22 PM

    "'Little Fat Fuckers' has a nice ring to it."

    It's taken years to get Liverpool schoolkids to call fatties that!

    One step at a time.

  11. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells8:29 AM

    Good example of NewSpeak: ban a word and the concept it describes ceases to exist. Viola! Can we now ban the word "broke"? Would help my financial situation no end!!