Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Nation of Bigots

I see that in the eyes of the Nanny In Chief (Broon) that to express concerns (in calm, coherent way) about taxes, the deficit and immigration makes one a bigot.

Hmmm...well that pretty well condemns most of the population then!

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  1. Mr Potato Head9:23 AM

    Now we know exactly why Broon and co dump these "ridiculous" policies on us - they have nothing but contempt for real people, and have a distorted image of the real world.

    Let's hope the cretin still doesn't make it back to #10, which is a distinct possibility given our skewed voting system.

    Interesting to see how Broon started pointing the finger of blame at his aides. Such a shame we didn't see mobiles flying through the air or fists thumping the roof of his Jag.

  2. Tonk.9:55 AM

    It is a tactic of the left to call people names; usually an "ist" or an "ism" this is designed to make people too frightened to express their true thoughts......Free speech has effectively been banned in this country for a while now.

  3. Agree with Tonk.

    For some time now, in the US, and apparently in the UK as well, accusations of bigotry, intolerance, etc. have been used as a means of shutting down legitimate debate on social issues. Whether or not the UK has too many immigrants, or the wrong kinds of immigrants, from Eastern Europe or wherever, is a question I'm not qualified to answer, as I'm not a resident of the UK. But surely it is legitimate to raise questions about the rate of immigration, the sources of immigration, and the effects of immmigration, particularly during a period of high unemployment. It was this that triggered the accusation that she was a "bigoted old woman."

    But wait a minute . . . "old woman." Wouldn't that be ageist, and possibly sexist as well?

  4. microdave12:17 PM

    I wish I had kept a copy of Question Time from a few weeks back, when Alan Johnson claimed that Labour were always happy to discuss immigration.

    He was very quickly put in his place by an audience member, who reminded him that anyone foolish enough to try would automatically be called a racist...

  5. What a complete wanker Gordon Brown is.

    Can't he go anywhere without stepping on his own cock?

    I am one of the millions of people that he talked about who left the U.K. But I left on the ferry, not hanging on to the underside of a lorry.

  6. Lord of Atlantis2:14 PM

    Well, now we know what our beloved leader thinks about the majority of the population of the country, let's hope they show what they think of him and his party on Thursday. As for his 'apology', call me cynical, but I rather think this came about not because he was genuinely sorry for what he said, but because he was genuinely terrified about the effect his words might have on the electorate.

  7. Lord of Atlantis2:16 PM

    Forgot to say, I agree with Tonk too!

  8. RavingMad2:43 PM

    Mr Apologetic makes me Apoplectic

    I hate the slimy, cowardly, lying bastard. Typical that there are those who want to defend him, they are as bad. Can't we deport all of them after the election?

  9. By the way, we have an American expression that refers to a particularly insincere, oily, and deceitful smile, often seen on the faces of politicans and used car salesmen (is there really a difference?): a shit-eating grin.

    Gordon Brown provided us with a particularly useful example of this expression just yesterday.

  10. I think that ‘shit eating grin’ sums up Gordon Brown very well.

    However, I think that a more accurate description may have been offered by Sir Trevor McDonald when he observed, and I quote:-

    ‘Fuck me, the fat Scottish bastard has put his foot in it once again, and now he is grinning like a wanking Jap, and now it’s over to Carol for the weather’

  11. " . . . grinning like a wanking Jap."

    I'm going to file that one away for future use.

  12. Bryn, North Wales1:58 PM

    Is anyone really surprised that the lying two-faced twat has been proven to be just that?
    For me, the only surprise is that a politician should forget about the implications of wearing a microphone. How do you like your surveillance state now, Jonah?

    Our unelected Glorious Comrade Leader has obviously been in the exclusive company of his politically correct yes-men for far too long, and has not the slightest idea of what the average person worries about - especially when those worries conflict with Glorious Comrade Leaders' world-view...
    And yes, the contemptuous disregard he has even for his own poor deluded supporters is obvious.