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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Five A Day

Five a Day
I see that Nanny's "five a day" campaign, that tells us we must eat five portions of fruit/veg a day if we want to live a long healthy life, is in fact based on utter bollocks.

Seemingly the "five a day" concept is a mish mash of various countries different and unrelated advice re eating fruit and veg, none of which actually states that people should eat five a day!

Ho Hum!

Why is it that Nanny never checks her facts before telling us what we should do?

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  1. Ken;

    You asked;
    "Why is it that Nanny never checks her facts before telling us what we should do?"

    Because she just loves to boss people about.....It turns out that the reason five a day looks good is because most people that go on a weight reducing diet will consume higher levels of fruit and veg....Nanny thought, this therefore must be healthy however, the research shows that Nanny has over stated the benefits of such a diet....Nanny still cannot grasp the simple idea that variety is what is needed and if you consume everything in moderation, you won't go far wrong.

    It is nice to see Nanny's world falling in around her though;-)

  2. For anyone that is interested in healthy eating………

    I have just finished writing a book about cooking with herbs.

    It’s about thyme.

  3. Mr Potato Head11:31 AM

    I'm a fervent believer in five a day myself.

    However, I'm not talking about fruit and veg.

    Well, you have to do something to while the long hours away, eh?