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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Twatter Of The Year

Congratulations to Stuart MacLennan, the erstwhile Labour candidate for Moray, who has been disbarred by Labour from standing as their candidate, owing to some tweets that he posted on Twitter.

He posted such gems as:

-Describing the elderly as "coffin dodgers"

-Describing John Bercow a "twat"

-Describing Nick Clegg a "bastard" and Dianne Abbot, a "fucking" idiot.

-"God this fair-trade, organic banana is shit. Can I have a slave grown, chemically enhanced, genetically modified one please?"

-"Made my connecting train. No first class it would appear. Sitting opposite the ugliest old boot I've ever seen too".

-In another tweet he indicated that he spent most of his time on the campaign trail drunk.

The official line from the Labour bunker is that these were rather old tweets, and that they were not aware of them at the time.

The reality is that some of the tweets were not that old, and that certain high ranking Labour people (eg Ed Balls, John Prescott and Andy Burnham) had signed up as "followers" of MacLennan.

I see that MacLennan is student of my old university Edinburgh.

Well I have to say he has been a Twatter, that's for sure. However, the Labour party have been larger Twatters for not seeing how this would end when they selected him for the seat and for then claiming that they didn't know anything about it.

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  1. You can't polish a turd...

  2. microdave1:15 PM

    Actually, I think he should be given a medal for his refreshing honesty.....

  3. Old Greeny1:01 AM

    Indeed, Microdave!! It does make a change!!

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Surely such arrogant, snide and vile opinions make this man an ideal Tory candidate?

    Is that the real reason this man was dropped by ZaNuLabour?

    OTOH, I would love to hear what politicians really think about each other. Nick Clegg is most certainly a bastard. So he got that much right.