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Friday, April 23, 2010

Booze Matters - EU

JackYou know how Nanny keeps berating us for our drinking habits?

Were we to listen to her we would be consumed with guilt over our "immoral" habits, clearly we are the most evil drinking country in the world!

Well, actually, that may in fact not be the case.

A remarkably tedious 129 page report ("EU Citizens' Attitudes Towards Alcohol") issued by Uber Nanny herself (the EU), shows that the UK is actually below the EU average when it comes to boozing.

Take a look at page 20:

"Did you drink any booze in the last 30 days?"

The UK comes out with 87% saying yes, below the EU average of 88%.

Clearly we are not drinking enough!

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  1. Mr Potato Head10:33 AM

    Trust me, last night after that dreadful unintended satire of a debate, I (and a nice bottle of red) did my bit to get our stats up to European levels!


  2. I hate the EU.

    Today, on St George's day, I shall, as a good patriotic Englishman, do my bit to get the averages up......

    Happy St George's day to one and all!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Ken
    I might go to the pub an hour earlier tonight, just to do my part.

  4. Perhaps the questions should have been "Did you drink any booze in the last 30 minutes?1

    A more telling statistic.

  5. ’OK, What we want you to do is to go around Europe and ask people these questions about alcohol’

    ‘Er……Yeah…..That sounds like a good idea, Do I get expenses, because I was thinking about concentrating on the French Riviera, Monte Carlo, St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice……as well as lots of other places, of course’

    ’Yes, all expenses paid, plus a nice fat salary

    ‘Sounds good to me, but to do the job properly I will need at least 6 months worth of research, I was thinking of starting about June, if that’s OK with you’

    ’Whatever you think is best’

    ……………Now I am not suggesting that these surveys never take place. It is just that I have never been asked to take part in one, neither has any of my family or friends, or anyone that I have ever met……………..

  6. Mr Potato Head12:08 PM

    I was once asked to take part in a survey that concerned people's views on taking part in surveys. I kid you not!

    I told them to get lost...

  7. Number 610:36 AM

    I am not a citizen of the EU and that is why I will be voting UKIP at the election. Plus, I will be boozing as much as I like on the night.