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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nanny Burns Fat People

Barnsley Mayor's Summer Parade
Oh dear, Nanny seems to be having one of her "schizophrenic" moments.

Yesterday I reported that Nanny's chums in Liverpool were worried about the negative connotations of the word "obese", and were considering banning it.

However, Nanny's chums in Barnsley NHS have an entirely different "take" on obesity. They have taken it upon themselves to design and build a 40ft effigy of a fat boy eating a pile of burgers, pizzas and cakes.

Can you guess what they intend to do with it?

Yes, that's right, they intend to set fire to it during the Mayor's summer parade! let me see, the message that Nanny is sending to fat children is that if you don't lose weight she will set fire to you.

Hmmmm, "interesting".

The Nazis started by burning books....

Maybe Nanny's ultimate plan is to use fat people as fuel?

Oh, and by the way, the taxpayers have funded the design and building of this fat sculpture.

All in all it sounds a pretty shitty idea to me.

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  1. Hmm, so Nanny intends to kill two (fat) birds with one stone by reducing our carbon footprint by firing power stations with biofuels made of chopped-up fatties?

    The Barnsley effort sounds like a feasibility study disguised as entertainment. Given that I'm a big, fat 16 stone winter swimmer I'm afraid, VERY afraid.

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:09 AM

    Sorry, some sort of glitch accredited the previous post to a "D" - it was mine.

  3. You don't have to be a muppet to be a councillor but it helps; Actually, thinking about it, you do need to be a muppet.

    It never ceases to amaze me, that the private sector has cut back and saved money, whilst at the same time, the non productive public sector still throws money about like a mad aunt at a weddingt with a big box of confetti.

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM

    So is obese a good word or bad word this week?

    I don't want to misspeak in public

  5. Fatties are the new smokers.

  6. Although the idea of burning fat kids is quite appealing, I am not sure that it is they that should be targeted.

    Kids usually have no money, so they don’t go buying their own food, and if they do have money, it is the parents that give it to them.

    It is also the parents that give their tubby little offspring the pies, cake and other shit even though it is obvious that they are getting fat.

    The parents allow their porky snot gobblers to sit in front of their T.V.’s and computers without getting any exercise. And the parents do not have the intelligence to insist that schools give adequate physical exercise training to their sprogs.

    Instead of burning fat little effigies it is the parents should be abused and ridiculed.

    Something like………..‘Why have you let your kid balloon into such a fat little fucker? Have you got shit for brains, or what?’

  7. Burning fat people for energy generation instead of silly Windmills?

    You know it might just work.......

  8. Speenzman6:15 PM

    Ah hamburgers, those great sources of protein, iron, zinc and a whole ton of other very good things. And pizzas with their high concentration of lycopene, an antioxidant that is known to fight many different types of cancer, never mind that you can put things like mushrooms and a good many other healthy toppings on them. So burgers, pizzas and cakes contain a fair amount of fat, well here's the thing kids- DON'T EAT THEM FOR EVERY F**KING MEAL OF EVERY F**KING DAY! This is called moderation.

    As for spending tax payers money on this effigy, even if the next bunch will be little if any better thank God these tossers are OUT in a month or so.

    Coming next week, Nanny burns effigies of people with glasses or a slightly misshapen nose, ZEY DO NOT FIT ZE PROFILE OF ZE MODEL CITIZEN...

  9. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Oh dear, oh dear!
    Setting something on fire during a summer parade?

    What about elf'n'safety???

    Did no one think about the children???!!!??

    And what of the carbon footprint???

  10. Uncle John2:13 AM

    With a bit of luck (or some careful mis-use of statistics) it should be possible set the parameters so that everyone is either 'too fat' and 'too thin' - and some can be both.

  11. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I want to burn real councillors most are fat bloated bastards.

  12. Anonymous8:31 AM

    They're just testing the market for Soylent Green...

  13. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Doesn't more fat help the flavour, especially if left on the bone?

  14. Anonymous2:44 PM

    How long before Delia has a new book on Longpigs for Beginners?