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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nanny's Health Care Database

How gemusing, I am in receipt of a letter from Nanny's chums in the NHS telling me that my basic health care details will be uploaded onto her brand new shiny "Summary Care Record".

This wonderful piece of kit allegedly will provide doctors and NHS staff with basic details about my ongoing medication (if I were receiving any), allergies I may have and some other basic stuff.

My local GP has the task of uploading this data. I don't have to raise a finger, unless I don't want Nanny to do this.

Why wouldn't I want Nanny to do this?

Well, aside from the fact that I distrust the state, Nanny's IT and database history is hardly inspiring (she regularly fails when it comes to technology, cost control and security).

I would also note that I am more than peeved at the fact that this is not an "opt in" procedure, but an "opt out" one; ie Nanny presumes that I want this unless I say otherwise.

In order to opt out I have to go to a special form on one of Nanny's websites, fill it in then send it to my doctor. Rather annoyingly I have not been to a doctor for some 15 years or more, and cannot for the life of me remember who mine is or where he is located (most especially as I have moved).

Anyhoo, it seems that relief is to hand. A fortnight or so ago it was announced that Nanny was suspending the database.

For why?

The British Medical Association have warned that the summary care records are being set up at "break-neck speed", sometimes without patients' knowledge.

The plans have also raised concerns about security and patient confidentiality.

Doctors have also been unenthusiastic about the technology.

Another IT success brought to you by the Nanny state!

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  1. These super databases so loved by Nanny worry me.....By putting all the eggs in one basket, so to speak, a villian only needs to get into the one basket....What also concerns me is what may eventually be done with this data.....Take the DVLA for example; They mainyain a database that all car owners and drivers MUST be on....The DVLA then sells that data to third parties, there is no opt out for those on the database whom, by law, are required to supply DVLA with said data....It is a nice little earner, I worry that a cash strapped government may allow some of the health data to be sold, say to insurance companies or employers etc etc....I also worry that other government departments may have access to the data....If there is a useful information on the data base, I could not be sure that Nanny wouldn't authorise the sharing of that data, especially if it was done under one of her coveralls; Child protection, anti terror 'elf'n'safety, or just for making money...Kerching.
    Very few people that I know trust the state and few people I know feel comfortable about the database state.....Problem is, information is power and I think it would be very difficult for any government to give up that power....Nanny's fetish for giant databases is the modern version of the old USSR's little red book.

  2. Mr Potato Head10:38 AM

    My fears are similarly aligned with Tonk's. I have a medical history that I don't exactly like to shout from the rooftops about, something I'd rather keep away from potential employers - although, I hasten to add, I haven't had a day off sick in god knows how long.

    But with this centralised database, it is only a matter of time before employers gain access to it.

    I hope it crashes and burns!

  3. microdave10:56 AM

    "Nanny's IT and database history is hardly inspiring"

    Correct, Ken. Here's a recent example:

    And they expect us to trust them with our personal details?

  4. It seems that in common with others, when working in the UK I could never afford to take time out to visit a doctor, and after paying into the system for many years, I decided to retire (very) early.

    So, for anyone who is horrified of the prospect of another term with Gordon Brown having at least a share of power, and who may be considering escaping to sunnier climes……..Here’s an example of the over funded British Health Service fucking up.

    Britain has not paid its reciprocal fees to Spain’s health service. The result is that here in the Valencia region, free health cover is no longer available to ex-pats who are below retirement age.

    The cost of buying cover?.............€6,000 per year each.

  5. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I haven't seen a GP for years either and was planning to opt out once I'd worked out where to send the form.
    "Anyhoo, it seems that relief is to hand. A fortnight or so ago it was announced that Nanny was suspending the database."
    Is the suspension temporary? In which case could they re-instate the project without notifying the public and use the original July 2010 cut off date for opting out anyway?
    Any thoughts?

  6. According to the market-research group Datamonitor, medical inflation is the reason for yearly increases of 8% in health insurance premiums. The steady progress in the development of new drugs, therapies and equipment used to diagnose medical conditions and the resulting costs are an obvious reason for this. This is understandable and everyone wants the latest in diagnostics and treatments. Equipment becomes obsolete with time and invariably the very words newer and improved mean a rise in cost.

  7. I don’t think that it necessarily follows that if something is newer and improved then it invariably should cost more. Is it not sometimes the case that production methods can also be improved which should mean that some prices can be reduced?

    Either way, the British Health Service is a bottomless money pit which constantly has its hand out begging for money whilst at the same time offering a second rate service.

    The days when Britain could boast of a World class health system have long gone; the service is now bettered by many other countries.

    I also find it disturbing that despite being administered by an ever increasing army of high salary Managers, it is only recently that the basic need for correct hygiene has been acknowledged and acted upon.

    The NHS has no concept of ‘value for money’. It is a phrase that is totally alien to it.

    For instance:-

    Why should the Heath Service have an advertising budget at all?

    Why should they feel the need to advertise on prime time T.V for Social Workers?

    Why is there a deluge of adverts in all media from the NHS in the months of February and March? Is it, as I suspect, their efforts to desperately offload money before their following years budgets are allocated?