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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prats of The Week - Sainsburys

Prats of The WeekAha my loyal readers, tis time again for another of my internationally renowned and prestigious "Prats of The Week" Awards.

This time, not for the first time though, it goes yet again to Sainsbury's.

John Wilkinson, a customer of Sainsbury's, has every reason to believe that Sainsbury's are prats.

For why?

He went shopping the other day, for a lamb joint, in his local Sainsbury's in Cardiff.

He was happily chatting to the in store butcher there, who had been in the profession for 30 years, about meat related issues and how the butcher had been training new apprentices wrt cutting joints and meat.

So far so good!

Anyhoo, the lamb joint was duly presented and Mr Wilkinson then asked the butcher to de-bone it.

Can you guess what happened next?

Yes, that's right, the butcher said he could not de-bone it.

For why?

There was a risk that he might cut himself during the process, and that as he wasn't insured Sainsbury's wouldn't let him cut the joint.

A spokesman for Sainsbury's told The Mail:

"Our colleagues who work on the meat counters are all trained to use knives, but some have not received all of the training to safely de-bone a lamb joint".

Thirty years in the profession, I am sure that butcher has tackled a lamb joint at least once in his life!

Sainsbury's, yet again well deserving "Prats of The Week"!

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  1. Tonk.9:59 AM

    Ha ha

    This is a very daft story....A butcher not allowed to use a knife....What ever next?....A carpenter not allowed to use a hammer in case he bangs his finger?

    Perhaps checkout drones won't be permitted to leave their till in case they haven't had all the necessary training on how to put one foot in front of the other..

    The "You won't be insured" is another coverall that line managers use to ensure people comply with daft diktats.

    The problem is with top down diktats and the one size fits all approach, is that everyone has to work to the ability of the least able.

  2. Mr Potato Head10:18 AM

    Apparently, Sainsbury's delivery drivers will only be turning left this week, as they haven't had the required training to turn right safely.

    If a right turn is unavoidable, they must drive past the turning, perform a 3 point turn (or use a roundabout if within 10 miles) and approach the turning from the left.

    Delivery times are not expected to be impacted.

    You heard it here first folks.

  3. Our branch did a comic releif thing that involved balloons being placed in the store.
    There were warning signs on the entrance doors to warn people with latex allergies that there were latex balloons instore.

  4. ‘Hello, I have come about the job that you have advertised for a butcher’

    ‘That’s fine. What experience do you have?’

    ‘Well, I have been a butcher for 30 years, man and boy’

    ‘Excellent, but we will have to train you on how to use a knife’

    ‘When can I start?’


  5. microdave12:14 PM

    If he really has been a qualified Butcher for 30 years then he MUST know how to use a knife...
    It might be fair to stop inexperienced staff from doing this job, but why impose a blanket ban???

    "Apparently, Sainsbury's delivery drivers will only be turning left this week, as they haven't had the required training to turn right safely."

    I remember a story from many years ago about a lady who was scared of turning right. She asked the AA to prepare a route plan between 2 large cities which didn't involve any right turns, and they managed to provide one! It took her more than double the normal distance, though....

  6. Mr Potato Head12:26 PM


    See, told you, it can be done...

  7. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Greater Manchester Passenger
    Transport Authority have removed
    ash bins from open areas on bus
    stations because smokers were using them instead of throwing
    butts on the floor thus losing
    the local councils thousands in lost revenue from butt dropping
    Anyone buying lamb from that joint
    really needs to sort some treatment out before it spreads.

    Duck soup

  8. Lord of Atlantis2:13 PM

    A very well-deserved award! I never buy my meat from supermarkets, if I can help it, as I prefer to give my custom to a 'proper' family butcher. Those working at the one I use have no hang-ups about using knives, I am very glad to say.

  9. jack de ripper4:40 PM

    In my day one could use knives as one wished without any interference from nanny. In fact if nanny got in my way on a dark and foggy night well...

  10. What sort of butchery do the butchers do then? Are they trained in the art of making wafer-thin ham?

  11. Anonymous_22:27 PM

    Of course they are, Nannies, judging by the sandwich I was served with at a motorway service recently!