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Friday, April 02, 2010

Pussycat Pussycat III

Without wishing to go on and on about the issue of banning Miaow Miaow and other drugs, I see that some doctor is now warning that Miaow Miaow may cause impotence.

Well so does booze if drunk in sufficiently large quantities!

Drink, fags and caffeine are part of our culture.

A large percentage of those who are under 30 go clubbing regularly, and a large percentage of those who go clubbing take drugs such as Miaow Miaow and cocaine. They regard these drugs in the same way as we regard alcohol.

The "moralists" can hide their heads in the sand on this issue, but that is the reality.

Like it or not, in a few years time, a very large percentage of the population will have/be used/using drugs that are deemed by our political lords and masters (some of who have/are used/using them too) illegal.

The key groups who are anti legalisation are:

- the shouty media
- dog whistle politicians (how ironic that we may have a PM soon who has allegedly used cocaine, even though he does not admit to it)
- the criminals who sell banned drugs (that speaks volumes about the failure of the current anti drugs policy)

The solution:

-Legalise them
-Tax them
-Use the tax proceeds to educate people as to the health issues (as we do with booze and fags)
- Produce them domestically, thus financially emasculate the terrorists and criminals who produce them in third world countries

This will happen in a generation whether the "moralists", who seek to deny human nature (our brains are programmed to seek pleasure from sex, sleep, food and intoxication), like it or not.

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  1. Grant8:33 PM


    I'm not sure how this might relate to drugs as yet but a report in the paper a few days ago suggested that alcohol consumption in the UK was down about 6% or so across all outlets.

    That would explain why so many pubs are closing and Nanny feels the need to increase taxation substantially.

    However does it also suggest that the younger generation, who's association with alcohol as the relaxant of choice may be less resilient than that of previous generations, may be 'moving on'?

    Or does it simply mean that the focus of society, once centred on the 'village pub' and the like, has cataracts that have not been present for centuries?

    If the reports of booze consumption levels falling rapidly are accurate and the sources are as wide as claimed they will include supermarkets. So they cannot be picked on as the cause of the demise of the British pub.

    What to the numbers really mean?

    When does Soma become available n the NHS?

    Word verification is monsump. Must be telling me something.

  2. As it is very doubtful that every establishment that sell alcohol has been surveyed, I suggest that the figures (if accurate) show that the revenue from booze has fallen by 6%, which really means nothing in itself as it could be that 6% more is being imported, legally or otherwise from the continent.

    It ought to be remembered that other government figures also show that the smoking ban has not been damaging to the licensing trade.

    Pure propaganda, in order to show that the government’s message about alcohol abuse is having some effect.

  3. Lord of Atlantis2:41 PM

    I am in too minds about your proposals, Ken. Basically, although I am open to have a proper debate on your suggestion, what worries me is that if drugs are legalised, and the price plummets as a result, won't that simply encourage more people to try drugs, become addicted thus resulting in an even greater strain on the NHS in the not too distant future? Would it not be more effective to impose much more severe punishments upon thosae caught dealing and selling drugs, as happens in a good number of far-Eastern counties for example?

  4. Lord of Atlantis,

    I really am having difficulty believing that you wrote the above post.

    Where do you get the idea that if drugs were legalized then the Government would do everyone a favour and slash the prices?

    What makes you think that it is only the price that deters people from taking drugs?

    Are you of the notion that all drugs are addictive, and by taking one particular drug an individual will automatically want to try stronger and more addictive drugs?

    Are you really proposing harsher sentencing for drugs offences?

    I too am all for debate on the subject, but preferably with someone who has properly thought out their argument. Which clearly isn’t you.