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Monday, April 19, 2010

Krakatoa East of Gatwick II

I see that Krakatoa continues to spew forth its content into the atmosphere.

However, here is a rather interesting phenomenon that I have observed over the past few days (certainly in my location in Brighton). Ever since the planes have stopped flying, the skies have been clear blue and the weather really brilliant.

Funny that!

Anyhoo, I am becoming rather irritated by the continual news reels (a delightfully old fashioned word) of Brits stuck in airports whinging that "something should be done".

It shows that the way people are cosseted and "protected" from reality, in our small part of the world, does not prepare them to cope with life's screw ups.

Millions of people each day in the world have to cope with famines, disease and starvation. They do so with far greater dignity, and far less moaning, than our fellow citizens who are stuck in airports.

I dare say though, if the stranded passengers become really hungry, they could eat each other.

Would these people prefer to be on a plane that crashed because its engines seized up?

Kudos to Dan Snow for displaying some Dunkirk spirit, if this isn't a PR stunt, by organising a flotilla of "little ships" to cross the Channel:)

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  1. Lord of Atlantis12:22 PM

    I'll wager, Ken, that there is one group of people who will NOT be whinging about what is happening. Au contraire, they will be rejoicing! I refer to, of course, those people unfortunate enough to live near airports.

  2. Mr Potato Head1:18 PM

    Very true LoA. There was already considerable opposition to new airports and additional terminals at existing airports. This vision of how much better it can be without jets screaming over your house every couple of minutes will not be lost on the campaigners.

    I'm personally ambivalent about this. On my odd visit to my office at Feltham, the sound (and no doubt air) pollution is terrible from Heathrow. However, it's not as if I've never flown in a plane myself!

    OTOH, if my employer would give me another week or two annual leave, I would happily use a ship to get to my far flung holiday destinations...


  3. Tonk.1:21 PM

    Well said Ken.

    I was really expecting one of the crying Brits to throw their toys on the floor and say "Whatever" if the reporter said there is nothing anyone can do about it.

  4. Bucko2:16 PM

    It must be very frustrating for them.
    Nothing can be done about it and it cant be blamed on global warming, bankers, peedos, immigrants or MPs expenses.
    Its something bad that people are just going to have to deal with. I bet most of them dont know how any more.

  5. microdave2:17 PM

    I hope you saw how "Nanny" treated a group of Brits who finally made it back to Portsmouth by ferry?

    And Dan Snows efforts were curtailed by French officialdom, or a combination of French & British depending on which papers you read....

  6. Bucko2:17 PM

    ..... and the media and pressure goups cant go on the telly and say that, "We must make sure this never happens again...".

  7. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Or, won't someone think of the children?

  8. Bucko4:40 PM

    Or "mistakes were made but we are learning..."

  9. If the general public is crying now, just wait until they feel the knock on effects of all this shit………

    Airlines are not simply going to ignore the losses that they have incurred, air travel prices will increase.

    Tour operators are currently accommodating passengers in hotels all over the world, and they are certainly not going to absorb the costs themselves. Expect to pay more for your holidays in the future.

    And as usual, do not expect prices to come down once the losses have been recouped.

    It also occurs to me that British Airways staff have not come out very well in this. Their 2 day strikes, where about 50% of all flights flew, apparently were designed to hurt the Company financially, and British Airways were moaning that they had lost millions of pounds a day. However, having had their entire fleet grounded for the best part of a week, the Company seems to be coping quite well financially. Perhaps now the general public will realize that the cabin crew strike action was solely aimed at inconveniencing passengers to get their own way.

    If there is a huge dust cloud up there, it has to come down somewhere. I am hoping that it will be on France.

  10. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Apparently we face "food shortages", I had to explain to one hysterical fool that a lack of kenyan mangetout and cut flowers does not constitute a famine. However, the longer term effects are pointing towards a poor growing season. If we don't get a famine, I'm sure Gordoom McGloom could organise one!
    Incidentally, Krakatoa was WEST of Java...
    Although I suppose a case could be made for the landing?
    TTFN :)