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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Now here's something for the weekend for you to enjoy:)

A wee story that hit the media a few weeks ago about Kim Barrett, and her brush with Nannydom.

Ms Barrett was about her business near Manor School in Melksham, when she saw a small boy stuck up a tree.

Being a decent human being Ms Barrett assisted the boy down, and walked him over to the school (where he was a pupil).

That all sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Well no actually.

You see my loyal readers we live in the Nanny state, where commonsense and decency are thrown out the window in deference to the rule of the state.

The teachers were already aware of the boy's plight. However, in keeping with "health and safety" (pass the sickbag) guidance, they walked away from the boy and left him up the tree.

It seems that Nanny's rules dictate that such incidents should be "observed from a distance", lest the teachers distract the stranded child.

So, in other words, he is left to his own devices until gravity takes over!

Anyhoo, aside from observing the boy the staff also observed Ms Barrett.

Did they rush to thank her?


They called the police and Ms Barrett was warned about going near the school etc lest she be a paedophile.

Nanny's chums at the school were of the view that Ms Barrett "approached the school in an inappropriate way".

They sent her a letter stating they had reported her to police. The next day, a PCSO visited to say she had trespassed.

The head teacher Beverley Martin was unapologetic:

"We cannot assume that people who enter the school grounds without permission have innocent intentions."

Take a look at the schools where you live, have you noticed that they now all have sturdy iron gates, railings and entry phone systems?

They more closely resemble a prison, rather than a centre of community education. No wonder kids hate going to these places.

My old school was, and still is, open. You can walk in or out of the grounds (not the buildings) without any fuss (subject to you not looking like a complete loon). Indeed the pupils can exit without any fuss either, and go to the pub for lunch round the corner (where they will find a gaggle of masters preparing for afternoon double Latin).

Ms Barrett was given a warning for "anti social behaviour"!

What on earth is going on in the heads of these teachers and our police?

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  1. microdave11:31 AM

    One of the (very!) few good things about getting old, is that I was lucky enough to complete my education before this lunacy took over.

  2. Trespass, as I recall, was a civil matter...The police would never get involved....You stated she was given a warning....If she was only seen by a plastic plod, she should have told him to go away...The role of the police was to detect crime and enforce law; not to make up laws and lecture members of the public.....Our police force has become the para-military wing of Nanny and politicising the police is never a good thing in my opinion.
    Our local school is like Fort Knox, locked iron gates, high fence, electronic entry system that reads finger prints.....The world has gone crazy....One good thing about all this kid security and safeguarding and OTT wrapping kids in cotton wool and not letting them out until they're sixteen is it keeps them away from me!!!!I dislike modern kids and their yes sheep parents.

  3. Situation normal then, stupid teachers and even worse Head teachers. Why did the teachers leave him? I suppose they had not had a course on tree climbing. Daft b*****s.
    The school across from me has a steel fence with electronic locks on the gates. Mind you it took two tries to get it right, the first time they did not put the electronics and actuators on, so they had to return several weeks later to modify everything. Probably cost twice as much as it should.

  4. ’Good Evening Madam, I am here to talk to you about an incident at the school’

    ‘Are you here to arrest me? Because if you are, you know that I have the right not to talk to you’

    No, I am not here to arrest you

    ‘So you must also know that if you are not here to arrest me, I also have the right not to talk to you’

    So fuck off!

    ……Why throw away what few rights you have and then complain?……

  5. microdave7:35 PM

    Good points, Gary. Unfortunately the majority of the public aren't aware of this....

  6. Mr Potato Head7:45 PM

    "I dislike modern kids and their yes sheep parents."

    We are not all that bad Tonk. I'm actively doing my bit to make sure my kids take responsibility for their own actions and are thinking for themselves.

    However, sometimes I fear I am urinating in the mild gale, so to speak. Schools are the worst for pushing sheeplike behaviour and tick-the-box thinking, with sometimes the best of intentions, but naturally not always the best outcomes...

  7. I wonder, if you helped a cat get down from a tree, would they charge with animal abuse?

    By the way, I love the "observe from a distance" approach. In other words, do nothing, while covering your ass by following standard procedure. The world really has come to a lovely pass.

  8. Mr Potato head;

    Sir, It sounds as if you are neither raising "modern" children nor are yourself, a modern parent...I prefer traditional thoughts ie; where the child is the child and the parent is the adult....Where the child does as told and the parents takes the decisions that ensures the child is well brought up.....Sounds to me as if you are doing a good job....I agree with you regarding modern schools....They really are conducting indoctrination rather than education these days....My youngest grandson has just started school, he is only just turned three for goodness sake and he will have to stay there until eighteen.....They can fill their heads with lots of left wing PC nonsense in that long time.

    I would hate to bring up children in today's world nor would I want to be a child in today's world....Keep the the good work sir and don't let those of doubtful parentage wear you down!!!

  9. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Off topic I'm sure ....
    Call me sad [YOU'RE SAD!] ....
    And I never thought it would ever come to this, etc etc.
    But ...

    Today I decided to create a spreadsheet containing prices of the main items I buy at Tesco & Sainsbury to establish which one is ripping me off the most and to see how inflation is running.

    Unfortunately, after finishing just three columns I seem to have run out of stamina and pretty much lost the will to live. I'll come back to it another day, but the two main findings so far are:

    1. There doesn't appear to be a clear winner. Both seem to be ripping me off in fairly equal proportions.

    2. The following item appears on each receipt:

    BAG RE-USE 2 @ £0.00 £0.00

    So that question each week: “How many bags have you reused today?” is not about rewarding, it's all about nannying and pressurising. It's on a par with “Do you have an ID card to buy these spoons?”.

  10. Anonymous8:42 PM


    I've just hauled myself up to have one last look for the day and noticed a reward of one green point per bag (given that I don't have a Nectar card that's zero green points per bag). But what does a green point normally equate to? £0.0001 probably.

    You can just bet it's some measly reward to justify nannying us.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. [sarcasm]
    Of course, Ms Barrett had obviously forgotten that the Young Person concerned may have been up the tree for a very good reason, and she obviously denied him his human rights by helping him down. I'm surprised he hasn't sued her! Will no-one think of the children?!

    (NKB ate my markup!)

  13. John B Stryge1:49 PM

    Has the tree been cut down in the interests of health and safety?