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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Booze Matters

Lord Prescott
My sympathies to the 10 year old pupil from Edenbridge Primary school, who was given an "exclusion order" from his school for drinking a can of shandy in the playground.

The shandy was Ben Shaw's Bitter Shandy and contains less than 0.5% alcohol, it is also perfectly legal to sell it to children.

Given this excessive reaction by the school, the hapless pupil might as well have opted to be "hung for a sheep" and drunk a bottle of 55% beer served in a dead stoat.

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  1. The sad thing about this is that it will appear on his record. If in later life this lad every was accused of a drink related offence, this could be raised to back up Nanny.

    What troubles me more about this fiasco is this; On the Daily Mail's website, some people were saying well done to the school saying that there is zero tolerance to alcohol in schools and the concenration does not matter........Obviously the yes sheep have been assimilated and now accept anything Nanny says as gospel.....I feel sorry for our once great nation.

    Anyway, it appears Dozy Dave is going to give snooping powers to all of the EUSSR's police forces on British citizens.

  2. woodsy425:20 PM

    How can a school get away with disciplining a pupil for something that is fully legal?
    Lets hope nobody remembers there is alcohol in bread from the yeast rising process.
    Ginger beer anyone?

  3. JohnW8:05 PM

    "Ginger beer anyone?"

    Are we allowed to say "ginger beer"?

    Careful - you'll have the gay, lesbian and transgender outreach coordinators after you!

  4. Uncle John8:26 PM

    I'm surprised they didn't just'ban' him for having a can of fizzy [OOOH- Matron - nasty-rot-yer-teef, make you fatally obese] drink.

  5. Uncle John, maybe that's exactly why they did ban him! We just assumed it was for the Shandy... :)

  6. Uncle John8:01 AM

    Just a thought - IF there is a 'total ban on alcohol' - that would include the 'hand-wash gels' recommended for First Aiders to help control cross-infection.

    How do the staff ensure they have suitably clean hands before (and after) treating injuries to the children?

    Oh- I quite forgot - it's not needed. Staff don't touch the kids in case there is 'an allegation', and simply offer an injured child a piece of toilet paper to cover their own wound, until the parent can be summoned.(Yes- really!)

    Oh - I forgot - parents can't be allowed onto the premises 'in case' they turn out to be paedos ...

  7. I make a point of reading the comments as well as the blogs on this site. The fact that I have seen comments from four different continents leads me to believe that the UK has really become the laughing stock of the world.

    My personal opinion is that the people of the UK have lost the ability to serve. In fact, I would go as far as to say that they no longer understand the concept.

    At the top you have politicians who have no interest in serving their constituents. They instead want to elevate themselves as saviours of the free world by fighting unwinnable wars in third world shit holes. Worse than that, they see themselves as being on a mission to save the planet itself from alleged climate change.

    The medical profession would rather dictate how we should live rather than serve the needs of the sick.

    The appalling police force need no further comment from me.

    Teachers are more interested in the contents of lunch boxes than serving the community by preparing the next generation.

    And shopkeepers, the very essence of the service trade, are all too willing to ban and restrict the purchase of legal items.

    It seems to me that if you give a Brit a job, any job, they will soon find an angle that they can use to boss and bully people around.

    Getting back to the point. Schools have now broken up for the summer holidays, but it will not be long before teachers start reading the contents of the items in lunch boxes. Food with additives, salt and ‘E’ numbers will be banned. Drinks containing sugar too.

    Shopkeepers will react by drawing up a whole new list of goods that will be restricted to purchase.

    This is not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

  8. microdave11:04 AM

    Whilst most us have very little time for schools, and the way they carry on these days, Nanny can even treat her own like shit, as well: