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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prat of The Week - Rob Rees

Prat of The WeekCongratulations to Rob Rees, chairman of the School Food Trust (who pays for this quango I wonder?), for winning this week's "Prat of The Week" Award.

Rees has earned his place in the hallowed halls of "fame" for suggesting that chocolates, crisps and sugary drinks should be banned from children's packed lunches. He wants rules tightened on what children can bring into school.

Knives, booze and drugs seemingly taking second place on the banned list to crisps and chocolates!

Doubtless he would have schools open up the kids' packed lunches, and confiscate "banned" items.

Unworkable and unreasonable.

At the end of the day it is down to the parents to decide as to what their kids should eat, not for the state to dictate.

Turning the schools into mini borstals/prison camps hardly encourages the kids to look forward to their school day, or indeed to respect their teachers.

Rob Rees, well deserving Prat of The Week!

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  1. I have no problem with this, except that I reserve the right to draw up a list of banned food and drink items for Mr Rees. For his own good, obviously.

    I then intend to go to his house, open his fridge and check he is not breaking my arbitrary rules. Again, for his own good.

    I wonder how he might feel about that?

  2. There seems to be something in the human psyche that makes many of them need to boss others around......Perhaps these little Stalins are ignored or ridiculed at home and thus need to take it out on those they deem themselves to have authority over.

  3. microdave11:42 AM

    It seems a little bit bizarre that schools are becoming more like prisons, yet real prisons are having to make their menus more varied, to pander to some inmates. The following story appears in a national paper:

    "PRISONERS from ethnic minorities have threatened to sue because their jail meals are not “authentic” enough.

    Some lags moaned that dishes such as Caribbean jerk chicken and rice and peas “don’t taste like the real thing”. And that sparked hundreds of copycat complaints from Chinese, Middle Eastern and Asian prisoners.

    The dust-up comes after prison inspectors urged jail staff to make more of an effort to “celebrate food from different cultures”. Their report on Armley Jail in Leeds, published yesterday, said: “The menu continued to have limited cultural variation.

    “Only 9% of black and minority ethnic and 4% of Muslim prisoners in our survey said the food was good.” A prison source said: “The inmates are now saying their human rights have been breached.”

  4. Microdave;

    This is why bread and water is such a good thing.....We could diversify/multiculturise it and offer, Naan and water, soda bread and water, chappati and water, maize bread and water....I'm sure you get the idea;-)

  5. So after a week or two that has been described as a heat wave in the UK this complete prick is advocating a ban on sugary drinks. Proof, if needed, that he knows less than fuck all.

    I know that this might sound a bit radical, but if there is concern about the amount of fat kids that there are, then perhaps the schools should rethink their policies on bullying.
    When I was at school there were very few lardy bastards. The main reason was, I believe, because they would get picked on and bullied ruthlessly. They would be called, (amongst other things), fatsos, bunters, porkers and perhaps more directly, greedy fat fuckers; and that would be by the teachers. The other kids would be far crueller.

    They would always be the ones singled out by the sadistic PE teacher to do extra laps of the football pitch, and they would always be the ones to go home with spit all down the back of their duffel coats. They had no friends and were never picked for any sports teams except as anchor men for the tug-of-war.

    But they didn’t stay fat for long.

    Happy days!

  6. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Ah yes Gary!. Those idyllic winter school days of running round the football pitch up to our ankles in snow. I'd almost forgotten until you so kindly brought it all back to me.

    But in the best of “my dad's bigger than your dad” traditions; I bet my PE teacher was more sadistic than your PE teacher.

    Admittedly, he didn't deliberately pick on the fat ones, but only because he didn't need to. They seemed to do the job for him. By the time we were all due to come in off the field, they were usually about two or three laps behind the leaders, and as everyone was mandated to complete the obligatory number of laps, they automatically enrolled themselves as pioneers for that day's sadistic form of punishment. Whether fat or thin, not knowing what he had in store (in addition to the guaranteed generous application of the belt) on any particular day, was part of the torture.

    Ah yes. School days. The best days of your life!

  7. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Funnily enough, I am actually pleased to see that the UK isn't as far down this slippery slope as we are out here in the antipodean colonies. Slipping seamlessly back into its penal past, this sort of totalitarian nonsense is now routine in Australia. School canteens now stock nothing more exciting than a frozen banana, and kids lunches are routines inspected and "errant" parents who pack the "offending" foods are chased up by the "authorities" (read Food Nazis).

  8. Number 611:07 AM

    My kids' school looks like the H block of days gone by high fences, security gates and at my last count 7 CCTV (Nanny's big hard on is for CCTV) cameras around the playground and others in the hallways. MY kids are aged 10 and we live in a decent crime free area - who is copping the money for these installations?

    In my day lad the only 'security' and it was bloody effective was 'sir' roaming the hallways with the cane up his sleeve. Of course today's 'teachers' are far too busy with their cultural diversity in the post modern society courses to actually roam the hallways and enforce discipline.

  9. My sister in law teaches in an infants school in Newham. The headteacher there already has them going down the lunchboxes and confiscating banned items (crisps, chocolate, etc) which have to be bagged and labelled with their names and handed back to parents collecting their brats at the end of the day.

    Fecking outrageous

  10. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Why pick on someone who is actually trying to do some good for the health of our children?