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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ker Farking Ching!

Ker Farking Ching!I see that Nanny, despite claiming that she wishes to simplify taxes (wrt her Orifice For Tax Simplification), is planning to increase stamp duty on homes that she deems to be energy inefficient.


In the old days people were taxed on the number of windows they had, as glass was considered a luxury.

The solution?

They bricked them up.

Now it is the reverse, a tax on "poverty".

I understand that, at one stage, the Nanny had considered banning the sale of energy inefficient homes.

Even she realised that this would be a tad too stupid!

The new tax, which will most assuredly negatively impact the housing market, will theoretically come into force in 2012.

She must be farking mad!

Ker Farking Ching!

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  1. Great. So we might be forced to have, say cavity wall insulation, even though we've already been told it will be ineffective on our house, and could cause damp problems as they can't reach all four walls...

    All this just to avoid a tax on CO2? Pah!

  2. Tonk.9:42 AM

    This is so that Nanny can give work to all the muppets that wanted to be snoopers/hip compilers.

    It is about time that dozy Dave stopped following the new religion of climate change as it will destroy our economy and our country......Of course he can't because he sold the Conservative Party to a single issue green nutter in exchange for us adopting the new religion.......This green agenda is something loved by the left and is one of the first stages towards a global government....Source; Ex President Chirac......Global socialism will destroy the world.

  3. You can have the most energy efficient home and completely fuck up the dynamics by leaving all the doors and windows open.

    So what next?

    A tax on ventilation?

  4. Julius Caesar11:04 AM

    Will this apply to the royal family and the aristocracy? Also, some government ministers and MPs live in large older properties, which are probably not 'energy efficient' by their definition of the term. Or will they be exempt from this increase in stamp duty, which will only apply to us 'commoners'?