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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bin Brother - Don't Play With Matches

Bin Brother
Commiserations to Kenneth Bonnard who fell foul of Chesterfiled Borough Council's Bin Police the other day.

Mr Bonnard was collecting his great-granddaughter from school and, whilst waiting, he lit his pipe.

The match he used burnt his fingers, and he dropped it.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, as if by magic a jobsworth member of the Stasi from the local council (official title "enforcement officer") appeared and asked for Mr Bonnard's name, address and date of birth. He then slapped Mr Bonnard with a £50 fine for littering.

Mr Bonnard paid up, for if he didn't he faced a £2500 fine.

A nice little earner for the council.

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  1. And yet, according to the politicians, we are not a police state.

    This gentleman's only real mistake was to give the enforcement officer his name and address......Just say no to hi-viz.

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells6:21 PM

    The hi-viz scumbag intent on fining this guy would have known that he was a pensioner and that £50 was very likely half his weekly income. Reflects badly on the scumbag's employers as well, but then again since when have local authority plc's put compassion above profit? The reverse-Robin Hood policy is really gaining ground with the transfer of money from the poor to the rich.


  3. I was taking some photos in my local vicinity the other day and another local person came up to me and angrily demanded to know what I was doing.

    It turns it she was worried that I was from the council, and looking to make a few quid photographing to find planning violations... :)

    When I explained what I was actually doing, she was all smiles!

    I don't blame her original reaction at all given stories like this...

  4. I am having trouble working out who is the most ridiculous.
    The arsehole handing out fines or the idiot paying them because he wants to avoid further aggravation.

    There is a clear distinction in law between being clumsy, forgetful or simply having an accident and littering. There has to be. If not, you could (for instance) be prosecuted for fly tipping if your car is involved in a collision and parts of it are scattered along the road.

    The fucking stupid council employee may refuse to acknowledge the difference, but a policeman wouldn’t, and neither would any court.
    Refuse to give your name and other personal details. If the council worker wants to call a policeman, then explain the situation to him when he arrives. If they still want to take things further, then argue your case in court.

    But don’t give in to intimidation and then start whinging later.

  5. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:28 AM

    Gary said

    "But don’t give in to intimidation and then start whinging later."

    Gary - please re-read Ken's article. The gentleman concerned was a great-grandfather and therefore very advanced in years. As well as being clumsy he was no doubt somewhat confused, intimidated and perhaps suffering from mild dementia - and the hi-viz amoeba saw its chance to make some easy commission.

    It was very probably a younger relative who "started whinging later". Please don't follow the contemporary practice of blaming the victim of crime. And crime this incident was as the guy was fined under wrong pretences - in other words, theft.

  6. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Good Lord!! We are a police state (Tonk). Great article. We now fear our own govt. How sad is that?

    I can only suggest you read that new book where Americans in a small town stand up to govt. tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution.

    Hey, the same issues are there (high taxes, continutal foreign wars & bureaucrats - local & up) walking the land harassing the people.

    It's powerful could it be our home town. I recommend it.