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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Lies Nanny Tells - V for Vendetta Speech Video

My thanks to a loyal reader who pointed me in the direction of an article in The Register about Phil Booth, No2ID National Coordinator, who has managed to elicit a very "embarrassing" confession from Nanny's Identity & Passport Service.

Some six months after he first started pestering them about positive "customer/user" comments, used by the Service in publicity material extolling the virtues of using id cards, he has come up with a rather interesting fact.

Can you guess what that is children?

Yes, that's right, eight of the nine people quoted on the website at the time either worked for the Identity and Passport Service (IPS), the Home Office or another government department or agency.

In other words, Nanny used her own minions to pretend to be "real people" to promote her much ridiculed and despised id cards.

It is also noteworthy that it took so long for these lying bastards to finally admit that they were using their own staff.

I would say, at the very least, that using staff in this manner to dupe the public can be construed as "misleading" and surely warrants a complaint to ASA?

How many other Nanny schemes are sold to us in the fraudulent manner?

Never believe what the state tells you, it is clear that the state will always lie and try to deceive.

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  1. Brilliant! LMFAO! Well done Phil.

  2. I'm impressed they even bothered to use real people even if it was their own staff.

    When they tried to bring in congestion charging in Manchester, they just made up "case studies". Even the photos of the people weren't local, they used stock photos from an American model agency.

  3. Every Stalinist knows that to control the people, they need to control both the media and education.
    The media, because they cozy up too close to the political class, act as a kind of "Ministry of Propaganda" for Nanny.
    The media follow Nanny's line on global warming, they promote the notion that the British are lazy, even though they work longer hours and have fewer holidays than other European countries.
    I see that at the moment, the media are attacking the sick and disabled on behalf of nanny in the same way Hitler ibnitially attacked the Jews. The sick and disabled are being blamed for everything and the media constantly prints stories about some one being caught on the fiddle....The DWP's own figures state that only zero point six percent of those on DLA are false claims.
    Nanny moved the bar on medicals and now proudly claims that seventy six percent of claiments should not be on disability benefits, even those that have terminal cancer and have few months to live and have to attend chemo are being found 100% fit for work.
    Nanny targets disabled people of working age because they are a soft target; Nanny will never tackle the real issues namely, why it is still socially acceptable for young, unmarried mothers to keep having kids with no means of supporting them....You see Nanny knows the public would not accept an attack on kids....I don't know what is happening in our country right now but, Nanny and the Media sure seem to have managed to hoodwink much of the population into Nanny's way of thinking on many aspects of our lives.

    We need an independent media again; we need journalists not to rely on the closeness of their relationship to high ranking politicians to get access to them....Journos should not travel with senior politicians on overseas trips because it suggests they are being "bought" with access to the PM and other high ranking politicians in exchange for friendly press reports.

    Our country, under the last government, went to new depths.....In my opinion, even Mr Mugabee can only dream of making the type of progress our politicians have made in subduing the population.

    Say NO to Hi-Viz!!!!

  4. Number 66:08 PM

    The state is now the enemy of the people.

  5. Old Greeny1:20 AM

    Come on, Tonk! Everyone knows that evil smokers are the cause of all problems!!