Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't Fall In!

Kudos to the health and safety brigade who erected (can I say "erected"?) the warning sign by the newly dug grave for my late uncle's funeral (he was 90 and died with dignity, not plugged into a machine etc etc) on Wednesday.

The sign read:

"Take care not to fall into the grave".

Having read the sign I managed to ensure that I did not fall in.

Phew, a major disaster averted thanks to the warning from Nanny!

A good few post event drinks were had, as he was Irish:)

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  1. I remember back in my school days that my mathematics master used to say,"Never be afarid to quote the obvious" I wonder if all 'elf'n'safety officers were educated by him;-)

  2. Dozy Bitch On The Telly.11:49 AM

    I was walking through a cemetery and I fell into a grave that had been dug without any warning signs.
    I badly injured my shoulder and I couldn’t work or pay my rent.
    Injury Shysters 4 U managed to get me £10,000 and they didn’t charge me a fee.

    Had a trip or fall anywhere that wasn’t you fault? Call Injury Shysters 4 U…………

  3. Adrian12:14 PM

    Glad to hear you are OK Ken.

    I suspect you were quite traumatised by the prospect of falling into the grave so I suggest you sit down and have a bottle or two of strong booze and maybe a few fags to calm your nerves. Maybe take a month or two off work as well to be on the safe side.

    Oh, I was at a funeral yesterday, and there was a point where I thought one of the paullbearers was going to go arse over tit into the grave.

  4. Ken,

    Miracle that your uncle managed to see 90 in the hazard-rich death-zone we call the Western World. Thank God Nanny's around to steer us through the minefields.

  5. Lord of Atl;antis2:36 PM

    I imagine you are really greatful to these people for warning you of such an obvious danger!