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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beware The Ghost of Henry VIII

Kudos to Lord Judge (yes, that really is his name!), the Lord Chief Justice, who has issued a very prescient warning during his annual address to the judiciary at Mansion House on Tuesday about the "Henry VII" clauses tagged into our legal framework by the previous government.

Off topic: Having scan read some of Lord Mandy's "kiss and tell" extracts of life in government it seems that we were "governed" (if that is really the word for it) during the years of ZaNuLabour by a bunch of unstable, paranoid, bullying hysterics. Quite how they found the time, in between their personal vendettas, to make the mess of this country that they did is beyond me.

Anyhoo, Lord Judge is scathing over the widespread use of Henry VIII clauses. This is where provisions are added in to legislation that enables a Government to repeal or amend laws after they have been passed.

He said he was "astonished" to find there were 120 such clauses in one parliamentary session alone. He noted that the proposals by the coalition for the "Great Repeal Act" provided an excellent opportunity to do away with these clauses.

By the way folks did I not propose on this site, way before the election, that a Repeal Party be formed in order to rid ourselves of all the crap that ZaNuLabour had created?

Could it be that someone in our new government is actually reading this site?

Lord Judge also went on to condemn councils for their overzealous use of surveillance laws, and their ability to enter people's homes without a warrant.

Good for Lord Judge!

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  1. During the previous government, our democracy and freedoms diminished by a huge amount.....The previous government used various tools to gerrymander our system around to their agenda.....Time limits were put onto debates and the whips used even more skullduggery to achieve their master's goals.

    I think I like Lord Judge.

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:39 PM

    A real life Judge John Deed, just what we need. If only more of the judiciary were like Lord Judge.

  3. opsimath12:59 PM

    Here come de Judge! Hooray for some sense at last.

    ps. Joe Brown did 'I'm Hen-er-y the VIIIth, I am.' much better! Catch it on Youtube.

  4. Lets not forget that in 2006, the government introduced the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. In the original bill, buried inside under the guise of improving efficiency, was the power for ministers to create new, or amend any existing, legislation without Parliamentary approval.

    Fortunately it never went through, but it was indicative of the attitude of the Blair government that cabinet & Parliament were only there to rubber stamp decisions.

  5. It may be pissing it down with rain outside, but today all I see is sunshine. :)

  6. Bradford de Rastrick11:06 PM

    Ahh! This is a story that warms the cockles of the (transplanted) British heart. Sitting at the far edge of the earth in our little antipodean penal colony, this sort of story gives one hope that all is not lost among the English-speaking world's judiciary. This is the way things are meant to work, in the best traditions of the Westminster system. Perhaps the spirit of Chief Justice Gascoyne is not entirely snuffed out!

  7. Anonymous1:42 AM

    You all might be a bit optomistic. It is quit on the cards that the next election may lean to Nulabour and not only that but then they will bring back Tony Blair to lead them back into the sunshine.
    Then he can complete The cultural revolution and quite possibly oust the troublesome middle clas ( white).