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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Road Kill

My thanks to loyal reader "Uncle John", who advised me of a story in the Telegraph about some workmen who were painting white lines on a road.

The workmen found their path blocked by a dead badger.

What did they do next?

Yes, that's right, they decided to leave a gap rather than try to remove it.

Evidently they are experts on "The Protection of Badgers Act 1992":

"Possession or control of a dead badger, any part of one, or anything derived from one is an offence under Subsection 1 (3) of the Act.


Subsection 1 (4) (a) - The person shows that the badger had died of natural causes, or that it had not been killed illegally.

Subsection 1 (4) (b) - The person shows that the badger or other thing in their possession or control had been sold to them, and that they had no reason to believe at the time of the purchase that the badger had been killed illegally.

Penalty on conviction: Up to 6 months imprisonment, a fine not exceeding Level 5 (multiplied by the number of badgers involved), or both.

The court shall also order the forfeiture of of any badger or badger skin in respect of which the offence was committed, and may order the forfeiture of any weapon or article used in the commission of the offence..

Had the workers had put it in their truck and continued to 'possess' the body to take it back to their disposal - forteiture of the vehicle!

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  1. So now the truth is out:-

    I always assumed that when council workmen were sitting in their red and white plastic tents, the lazy bastards were drinking endless cups of tea whilst wanking over copies of ‘Razzle’ magazines that they had found discarded under hedges; but now we know that they are actually brushing up on current badger legislation.

  2. I saw this story on last night's BBC South Today News.....It made me laugh......As far as I could tell, the reason for not removing the dead badger was that it was not the painter's job.
    It would appear that one department was responsible for the road markings, another for removing dead animal bodies....The crew said they had not had neither the training nor the equipement to move the body......I too have not recieved training to remove dead badgers from the road but, I suspect I could work out how to do it using a shovel or a boot but, then again, I was born at a time when commonsense was more common and we were not tied down with 'elf'n'safety.
    Of course, the crew may have decided not to move the badger in case they got their nice new hi-viz jackets dirty:-)

  3. Tonk - The crew said they had not had neither the training nor the equipement to move the body.

    The training course would go something like this - Spade, scoop, fling. £1000 please.