Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am gemused to see that because the temperature has hit a "staggering" (yes, I am being ironic) 30 degrees on some met office concrete roof, Nanny has issued a load of "heatwave warnings".

Dear oh dear, how does the human race ever cope in countries where 30 degrees is considered "mild for the time of year"?

How did John Mills et al ever make it across the desert, in blistering temperatures, just for a glass of Calsberg?

I would suggest that people cool off by going for swim, but Nanny doesn't approve of that either as loyal reader Wildswimmer Pete can testify (BTW Pete, are you "wild" as in angry?;))

Given that we are not allowed to swim, I suggest the tried and trusted British method of cooling down. Drink twenty cans of ice cold lager, whilst sitting in the blazing sun with a handkerchief on your head.

Never fails!

It will rain in the next couple of days or so, make the most of the "heatwave" and have it large!

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  1. Heatwave warnings?

    Something else for our neurotic population to worry about.....Nanny has turned our population into a nation of anxious neurotics mind you, Nanny's education/indoctrination system has removed all commonsense from most of the population.

    What must be the most common sound from a modern family's home nowadays?.....I suspect a loud eeeeeeek as neurotic mothers(and feminised fathers) worry about the heatwave, nuts, safety, paedophiles,mobile phones, sunburn, food, drink, jobs,obesity, paracetamol, and so on....What a sad anxious nation we have become.....Makes you wonder how we ever had an empire.

  2. Err... didn't Homo sapiens originate in Africa. Now unless all our ancestors lived up Kilimanjaro, we evolved in these kinds of temperatures.

    (My Viking blood does however prefer it to be a bit cooler.)

  3. Adrian9:33 PM

    I get very anxious about what bullshit Nanny will come out with next. Should I go on a bullshit anxiety control course? Can anyone recommend a suitable course, which obviously must be run by people with at least a first class joint honours degree in Bullshit with Anxiety from the internationally renowned Bogbrush-in-the-Marsh University

    Oh, please can you also assure me they have had the appropriate CRB checks and a full fontal lobotomy.

    Should I take out insurance in case I get over excited by the course and do myself a serious injury?

    Your very anxious, stressed, sun tanned and pissed subscriber.

  4. For what it's worth, I grew up in a place where the average high temperature in July is 32 degrees. We kiddies played outside all summer long, and somehow, managed to survive, though without the help of lager, sadly. I think we relied on lemonade.

  5. Flashman8:57 PM

    I spent over 30 years in a climate where 35 degrees was considered average for summer and 42 degree days were not unusual.

    That's what ice cold Cokes and swimming pools were made for.

    If transported to tropical climes, poor long-suffering nanny would be melting in her plastic hat and high-viz vest as she supervises all her little children.

    Perhaps nanny should grow a pair?